Saturday, August 29, 2009

Market Update

Today started out grey, gloomy and a bit muggy. It threatened rain, and we were all worried (those of us who showed up, that is...some of the crafters do not come when it rains). BUT, we had ample space under the pavilion to set up, so if it DID rain, we'd all stay dry. The rain held off, and it actually got sunny and cooler later in the day.

It was fairly slow, so as usual I spent my time taking pics of all the veggies. I have no idea why I do this. Farmer Mike just shakes his head at me most of the time. Sometimes, he even states the obvious. Today I asked him why he did not have any corn, and he said it was because they did not pick any. Okay, I guess that works.

A lot of these pics are of the same thing I've shown you the past few weeks, but I am still drawn to the colors, so you get what you get. Let's get started!

Cockscomb. I never knew what this stuff was until last year or maybe the year before, but everyone who shops here seems to know about it, cuz they buy it!

For some perspective, later in the day I got a photo of a woman holding one stalk/branch/piece of it. This is big stuff!

Sweet peppers. So colorful!

Two kinds of shrooms. If he has any later in the season I'll make some mushroom barley soup. Mmmmmm.

Hot peppers. I am still not buying these. Or any of the 'special' ones Farmer Mike has in his van. He tried to push some of his special peppers on our poor bakery person. In the background I kept shaking my head ... NO, don't do it! She didn't - smart gal! Farmer Mike just laughs at us. Especially at me.

Okra. Blech. Though Pioneer Woman posted a way she eats raw okra like any other raw, fresh veggie. I might try ONE, just ONE. Then I'll call her a liar if I still hate it.

Farmer Gus' bell peppers were photo-worthy! They were all multi-colored!

Farmer Gus' Jalepenos. If I did not already have a bunch from last week, I would have snagged some of these. Next week, I promise.

On to the doggie portion of the show. This guy is a service dog. His owner was sweet to talk with me about him. He is a Border Collie mutt, and she's had him for about 5 years. She sometimes needs help getting up, and the dog just stands there and lets her grab on and use him as leverage. She does not have problems all the time, but she needs to keep the dog in training, so she takes him out with her a lot. I asked her if the Border Collie portion of the dog makes him herd things, but she said just kids. If he sees a group of kids and one kid off to one side, he'll go up to the stray kid and stand next to him so the kid won't get lost. It sounded really sweet.

These two guys arrived about the same time and played kissy face for a while. Better than the usual way dogs check each other out!

This boxer is just gorgeous. He was moving too fast for me to get a good pic with his face, but I just sit here each week and admire his coloring. And physique.

And here's Molly, a weekly regular. She was helping to clean up crumbs in front of the bakery stand. Actually, most of the dogs today were helping in front of the bakery stand. One of the helpers at the bakery said it was really fun to be on her side of the table when these dogs would stick their heads under the table cloths to see what they could find. I'll bet!

Our regular Shar Pei, who belongs to one of my stamping customers. I originally met her (the stamper, not the dog) when she was checking out the market several years ago. She saw my cards, noticed the SU images, asked about classes, and we've been hanging out ever since.

Hello, you handsome fellow! What a handsome Yellow Lab! So friendly! And very well-behaved, too.

For the fashion portion of the show, these wee little stripe-ed leggings won today's prize. So cute!

And this little cutie was trying on one of MaryBeth's hats.

Then things got a little nuts, as they tend to do towards the end of the market. Here is Farmer Gus playing with his food again. A mutant tomato on which he drew a face with a marker. We could hear his almost-20 year-old daughter begging him to please stop, as it was embarrassing. That just made him laugh and draw some more.

And one of our little beverage vendors made a duck out of some of Farmer Mike's veggies. The green onion is the wings.... can't you see it? He was so convincing.

That's it for the pics, so you can breath easy now. Lessee, the person who asked me to make the brown fourishy card came to buy it today, plus a few more. Several people said they could not buy the card they liked and actually send it to someone, because they'd rather frame it; then they'd have to buy another one to send. I love it when people say that about my art!!! It is so validating. I think this is what keeps me going back every week.

And remember Twitter? Yeah, still doing that, and having a lot of fun with it. One of my tweeple is in DC, and I might try and meet up with her on Sunday. In the flesh! This might be cause for a photograph to document the historic moment. :-)

On a more serious note, RIP Mr. Kennedy. You will be missed, but your influence will live on. And I am glad for the family that the rain held out until after the burial at Arlington. I will come visit you soon.

G'nite, peeps! Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. Love it!!! Those colors at the farmer's market are something we need to bring out in February when everything is brown or white!


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