Wednesday, August 12, 2009

One More Cabinet (and No Card)

Yesterday I set a goal for myself: Assemble one cabinet and make one card per night this week. I started off okay with the assembly part.

Here is the massive open space in my Dining Room where I get to assemble the parts-is-parts. When I got up to take the picture for posterity, kitty left her perch atop the board on the left, but she soon took over the empty box. That's her job.

For those of you new to my blog (and I THANK YOU for being here!), here is the part you may have missed. These are existing cabinets in The Other Room - the ones that are mostly full.

This is the corner where old meets new. That out-of-place cabinet in the corner is there because IKEA decided to stop carrying the single-width version of these. I know! The NERVE! So I had to make do with that little number. It has nice drawers that are filled with all sorts of miscellany like paper napkins, alterables, 357 chipboard coasters ... you know: stuff.

There to the left, under the window, is the new cabinet with the second level added on. It is perfectly level with the window sill, so I fully expect it to be adopted by her highness as a new perch. And once I wash the windows so real light can get through, it will be an excellent spot for taking pics of my cards, assuming I make any before dark.

Here are the first (and last) set of doors I assembled this evening. Do you notice anything odd about them? Besides the fact that they are crooked?

Look at these doors on the original cabinet. See those round, brushed metal thingies? Those are known as handles. The new doors have no handles. Uh-uh. I am NOT going back to IKEA to buy no stinkin' handles. I'm thinking the local hardware store probably has something just as good. Until then, I am going to try and rig some of the 48 yards of twill tape I have as make-shift handles.

And true to form, I have yet to make a card this evening, so I have failed in that part of my goal. But if I take a moment and move some of the piles of 12x12 papers into the new cabinet, in my mind, at least, it will totally make up for the lack of card production! Hey, it's my blog and I can change the rules any time I want to. :-)

I'm off to move around some big piles of paper. Thanks for stopping by!


  1. I am so tired right now, I 'd be saying, "No handles? I guess I don't need the doors." :)

    This is becoming a bit difficult, isn't it? I am sorry it is not going more smoothly, but I am impressed with all you manage to do.

  2. There's always something to go wrong...this sounds so much like something that would happen to me :) I think you've achieved alot even without making a card :)

  3. What, Ikea didn't include the door handles? Shame on them! And here you are working so hard. I doesn't matter that there is no card. Tou're doing enough work.

  4. I am very impressed with your gives me hope for my craft room. I also agree that doing all this work on the cabinets today is more than enough without having to make a card as well.

  5. oh, the cabinets, the cabinets. So many of those I've assembled in our house - all from Ikea.. and each one has completely different hardware than the last. You'd think they'd settle on something standard after all these years.


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