Sunday, August 2, 2009

Market Update (and no card)

'Twas an interesting Market yesterday. Farmer Mike could not make it, so one whole side of the pavilion was empty.

I set up next to the Rock lady to try and fill the void, but people still stopped short all day long and looked at the big empty, mouths agape. We managed to console most of them with the assurance that he'd be back next week, but most of them just wandered off, muttering about how Mike never misses a weekend. It was so very traumatic for some.

I will say, though, that while traffic was generally down, and most people had slow sales, my business was brisk! I think this is a primo spot, and I must negotiate with Farmer Mike next weekend to see if he'll let me set up next to his veggies.

This is Wrigley, who belongs to one of my SU customers who signed up for a CSA so I get to see them every weekend. Wrigley's adoptive parents are from Chicago, so the bandanna and the name say it all.

(And we know, our posts need painting.)

This is Ajah (sp?), who belongs to another one of my SU customers who actually met me at the market several years ago. Cute bandanna: "Don't just stand there, pet me!" And it works, too!

SU In Color alert! These people painted their doors Bermuda Bay!

So yeah, slow market day. Not a lot of pics to share.

After I got home from the market, washed off the hazy, hot & humid, and let my body temp get back down into the normal range (my glasses actually steamed up when I put them on ...), I placed my SU Demo pre-order from the Holiday Mini. Oh, yeah, I have so much paper and ribbon coming my way that I seriously need more cabinets for storing it all. I sold my Day Bed, and the new owners are coming to pick it up this afternoon, so I plan to visit IKEA to get more storage with the money I'll take in for the bed. I will definitely share some pics when THAT happens!

So I decided to try and DO something last night. I went to SCS and got the tutorials for making these two folded paper flowers:

The one on the top left is the Fan Fold, and the one on the bottom is the Dahlia Fold. I'd say I was an utterly magnificent failure at both. To me, it's just not worth all that work. Plus, they are fat and will not mail nicely. Since most of my cards are sold to people who mail them, I need to pick my embellishments accordingly.

That said, if I am going to HAND someone a card, I might add one of these babies to it. A hand-delivered card can get all sorts of fat accessories!

I must now take my leave and go stamp. I have my Stamp Camps next weekend and only one card designed so far. Just like any other month, I suppose, but still a good excuse to go play. I hope to have something of substance to show you later.

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  1. Your flowers turned out great! Sorry farmer Mike was not able to attend, but kudos to you for a good sales day; IKEA is waiting for you :)

  2. yeah...wrigley makes the blog!!!! (autographs available for a small fee, paper accepted).
    and so sad we must have just missed Ajah!


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