Tuesday, August 25, 2009

My Color Combo Card, and Another Baby Step

Earlier this afternoon, I had A Moment. You know, when an idea hits the grey matter and you just need to document it for posterity? I decided I liked the color combo of my shirt + pants + shoes. Soooo, here's the original picture, and following is the real thing.

I decided to try Soft Suede (for my shoe color), Sahara Sand (for the pants color) and Bermuda Bay (for the shirt, though the shirt was way more green, but work with me here).

And here we are! Sahara Sand base (already cut and just lying on the table), a piece of Bermuda Bay patterned paper (opened a virgin pack), Soft Suede ribbon. The leaves are from a new SU set Autumn Splendor from the Holiday Mini (starts Sept 1st). I inked the larger leaves in Soft Suede, then stamped them off before stamping them on white. The smaller leaves were inked in Bermuda Bay, stamped off, then Rock-and-Rolled back in the Bermuda Bay. I thought this would let me make the edges darker than the centers, and it sorta worked.

The acorns are from the same set, and I stamped them in Soft Suede, then colored them with Soft Suede and a blender pen. I am not sure what it is with me and 'cutting' lately, but I think there might be a rebellion if I made this a workshop card.

So there you have it! My card du jour for my color combo du jour.

To celebrate this accomplishment, I went into The Other Room and installed two of my Bygel rails from IKEA.

Here they are! The cool thing about these is when I was talking with the handyman about them, he reminded me to make sure to leave enough space between them to be able to lift one off a lower rail and not bump into the ones above. Can you tell his wife probably has her own similar set-up? :-)

This is where they fit into The Big Picture. I am going to put up two more above those (I should be able to reach the top one), and then put four more on the adjacent wall, but staggered between them. It will all become clear as I proceed, and I will surely document the process for posterity.

In case you are wondering, this is my current punch storage, and it is overflowing. Plus the door hinges complain a lot and I am convinced it will fall off one night and kill me from the fright.

What shall I do with all the vacated punch space? I'll put my Marvy punches there, probably, and, well, there's this Martha punch I kinda want, but I haven't had the room, and, well, uh-huh.

Wow, would you look at that - it's not even bed time yet! What IS going on here? I cannot possibly be getting caught up... nonono, not possible. The Earth would spin off its axis if that ever happened.

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  1. your studio looks WAY more organized than mine! That card is beautiful...it makes me excited for crisp cool Maryland air :)

  2. I love your "card du jour"! Great colors and the cutting out of the images is what makes this card so special!

    Your "Other Room" is really coming together nicely! Just think how much fun it will be to have some organization among the typical stamping chaos!

  3. I like all the cutting of late!

    Heh- keep it up and soon you'll have to *scrapbook*!!!!

  4. T.O.R. will have to be called Art Studio soon! I am a little envious, but enormously proud of you :)

    Your color combo is genius. Fab card you enabler, YOU!


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