Sunday, August 2, 2009

A Productive Sunday

Today turned out to be mostly productive, which is always a pleasant surprise. First, my day bed that I'd listed on Craig's List sold and was picked up this afternoon. Yay! You might ask why this is such a big deal...well, this is what the one remaining wall in The Other Room looked like earlier this week:

The bed parts took up the whole area under the windows, which was a nice step for the cat to get from the tiny cabinet over there to the left of the windows onto the window sill, but still a nuisance for me.

Ta-da! Gone! Look at that Big Empty! You can also see where I stopped painting, and why I need to finish painting before I put any new storage there. Baby steps!!!

I also stamped all day in a desperate attempt to come up with four projects for next weekend's Stamp Camps. Of the four that I made, this one is my favorite. It is a total CASE of this card; I just changed the colors and the ribbon.

I used the new-to-this-catalog Cottage Wall papers, which means I opened the pack before they retired. ;-) I went in search of a sentiment that would fit in a 1 1/4" square, and ended up with a stamp from a retired Hostess set. Bummer. I'll keep looking this week for a non-retired one, but it's about the idea, right?

I really like how the white-on-white almost makes it look like a raised edge card. I've done the white-on-white before with layers of punched shapes, but never with the main part of the card. Oh, and I hope The Ladies won't mind if the Mellow Moss taffeta ribbon is not an exact match for the Old Olive in the papers, but I like the taffeta better than the twine used in the original. I could use Linen thread, too. WHO KNOWS, I may change this up several times before the weekend!

That's all for this evening. Gotta go finish up the laundry so I can go to work in the morning. Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Perty card! You are bound to find some current sentiment that'll fit! Go Leslie, go Leslie- you can do it.

    You could always put the sleep wrinkle quote on this. On second thought-maybe not. ;)

  2. Oh, you improved on the original! LOVE your version. I think your white on white is "faux dry embossing". This will be a hit!!!

  3. i LOVE the card. i have that flower set that i just HAD TO HAVE that i have yet to mount...i may have to open it now. what a good idea with the squares too. i might try that with circles.

  4. Hooray for selling the day bed!!!

    I like the card a lot- the white on white layering is very nice! If you have a long sentiment, you could stamp it in two steps...


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