Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The Big Shot Is In The House!

I love being a(n) SU Demo, and here's one of those reasons:

I get to come home to things like this. Aaahhhh... this box contained the Big Shot, an item which I was talked into buying on that free (nay, very expensive) and addictive thing called Twitter. Those bad, bad women shamed me into getting it. And you know what? I have used it 1 1/2 times, and I am in love. They were right! I do like it. Well, technically I never said I would not like it... I said I would rather spend my moolah on pretty paper. But I caved, and I am glad. Now I can use all my SU cutting and embossing stuff in my workshops, but more on that in a sec.

Tonight I spent some more time in The Other Room addressing the shoddy paint job I did last night with a brush. Tonight I broke out the roller and the roller pan. But first I painted the bottom trim white, and it is loverly.

I then rolled on not one, but two coats of the yellow, and sadly it will not hide in the grievous, ugly job I did last night. Oh, it DOES make the rest of the wall look mighty fine, but I fear I will need another session, this time with some sand paper. Yep, I am going to sand the fat paint blobs off and roll it again. All of this so next week I can hide it all with cabinets. I am sick.

As I sit here enjoying the paint fumes, let me introduce you to my new toy:

Everyone: meet my Big Shot. Big Shot - everyone. Now that the formalities are out of the way, isn't she pretty? I think I'll name her. Bertha? Nah, bad connotations. I'll work on that.

That piece of blue is a scrap from next to the trimmer; it was used to initiate the Big Shot with one of my embossing plates. Too stinkin' easy! I like that the folders are a bit bigger than the Cuttlebug folders so the whole piece was embossed.

This is the card I made in about 5 minutes. I am sure I saw this on several blogs, back when I had the time to read other blogs. It is a simple embossed piece of Whisper White layered on a Soft Suede base. A stamped sentiment and ribbon (of course) - done! I like this dotted grosgrain more and more every time I use it. I thought the dots would be too much for this card, so I just turned it over so only the ends show their dots. [ETA: That's the Elegant Bouquet embossing folder.]

This shall be card #4 of 4 for this weekend's Stamp Camps. Man, what ever will I do with myself for the rest of the week, now?!?! Oh, yeah, tomorrow I get to sand and paint. Sigh.

I'm off to finish that stack of "We've moved" cards I started the other day. Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Nice to meet you Big Shot :)

    Sandpapering it won't be all that bad- I promise!

  2. Have fun sand papering. I won't be nearly as bad as you think it will and it will be worth the effort. You will have a nice wall. I remember my DIY days, I am past them now and let other people do it for me. You may consider that in the future. Nice card you turned out with that machine. It's all hocus pocus to me, you know. I'll never learn!

  3. Enjoy your Big Shot.

    We are painting in our house and we have the opposite problem- some of the walls only have builder paint so when you paint them with god paint they soak it right up requiring additional coast of paint and more trips to the paint store.

    Love that polka dot ribbon with that card! Like how you flipped it.

  4. Bertha (or whatever you name her) is beautiful. Your card is stunning, amazing, gotta use that for your stamp camp!!!! LOVE it :)


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