Friday, January 1, 2010

Furniture Movement Exercise - Part Second (and Last)

Well, I managed to cram all of this into two posts, so it will not be a long, drawn-out read after all. Lucky you.

Before we get back to the main program, let's look in on my helper:

Uh-huh. Do you think she could be any more-tightly wound? Yes, that is her tail draped over her own head. (Please ignore the towels I just dumped on the chair - I'll fold them later.)

Okay, let's pick up where we left off - I needed to move stuff around in the Captain's Quarters to make room for the now-disassembled card catalog. First, I moved the dismembered set of drawers next to the 4' table I have in the center of the room:

Well, would you look at that! It is the same height as the table! Lucky Duck Move #1. If I find a top for it, it can be a functional extension of my work space. YAY!

(For the morbidly-curious among you, that clutter on top of the drawers-with-no-top is a 3-ring binder with pictures of every card I have made this year. Yes, I have binders by year that contain pics of every card I have ever made*. On top of the binder are all the stickers with numbers for the cards I have not yet printed out for the binder. There's also extra stickers and some clear bags for my bag-em-and-tag-em efforts. And an emergency flashlight that I need to plug back in.)

*Why do I have binders of every card I have ever made? At one point I thought I'd need to go back and re-create a card, but that's not happening, so I may quit doing it. Maybe. Plus, I am running out of room for binders.

Moving that drawer section left an empty spot in its wake:

I vacuumed it and everything! Then I moved the 2-section storage cabinets into the empty so it is now filled:

Moving on, we get to The Test. Will that base section actually fit in the newly vacated space?

YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY! It does! Aaaaaaand, I can reach the wall outlet without becoming a contortionist! A pleasant, unexpected bonus!

Let's see how close we came:

... ooooh, literally an inch to spare. So I brought in section #1:

... just perfect. Then ... THEN ... I brought in section #2:

Would you look at that! It is the same height as the other cabinets! This is what I call Lucky Duck Move #2. I had to stop for a second and think things through. If I stopped with only two sections, I could use the top for ... more storage! I would have a place for my now-homeless Color Caddy! I could reach it!!!!

So I tried it. Instead of section #3, I brought in the top:

This was going very well. Very well, indeed. Lookie:

Is this perfect, or what?!?!

Here is what that wall looks like now:

Oh, look. My muse is showing there in the center, hanging from the light. And we are looking up her skirt. Look away, just look away!!!

Here is the wall in my Dining Room, mostly back to normal:

And here I demonstrate that I actually put something INTO one of the drawers:

Since I pre-ordered 2 of each new color of the yummy SU satin ribbon, I needed a place to put it, so this was perfect.

Oh, and that third section of the card catalog? Here it is:

I had to move a dead lamp out of the way to put it here, but it is a perfect fit. I have not decided yet what I'll do with it - keep it or sell it. Since it is not in my way, I have all sorts of time to think about it. But now I need to dispose of that dead lamp. Sigh ... a woman's work is never done.

That's it for the Big Move. I am finished for now. I also realized my Stamp Camps are NEXT WEEKEND, and I am once again sorely unprepared. I'll need to go steal CASE a few projects so I'll have something for The Ladies to do when they arrive. Hopefully I'll get to that this weekend so I'll have something crafty to show you.

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Can't sleep so I decided to catch up on your blog. After reading about your ever changing and re- changing........... I am tired. The card file looks good in your CQ. Glad to see you decided to go for it. Keep the third may decide to shake things up again.
    Nighty night


  2. You must keep that 3rd section! "Anonymous" is right - you never know what the next furniture incarnation will require.

    Looks good - but now I need a nap, I'm exhausted from this move.

  3. I notives when you pulled the drawers out to move the cabinet that the spaces were quite large-even with the ridges..Could you leave the third section where it is and put the drawers away and use them as shelves for storing more stuff?

  4. I knew you would have a new and improved plan clearly emerge. You are amazing.

    "Anonymous" cracked me up with her comment (BR#2?)


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