Saturday, January 2, 2010

Pieces of Love

I called this post Pieces of Love not to be profound or anything, but because the card was made from scraps of DSP, and it says 'Love'. Deep, I know.

After all the furniture moving yesterday, I planned to make (and DID make) a Valentine's Day card using some of my cool stash of Tessa Ann's buttons from The Button Shop ( Here's my card:

I decided to let the button drive the card, and since it was kinda hot pink, I opted for Pink Passion, which is an SU color I very rarely touch... it's just a little too pink for me. But I did use it last night, and I think it looks fiiiine. Of course, I cut it with some black. :-) The papers are from the Night & Day Specialty pack (from the Holiday Mini); the sentiment is from PTI's Mega Mixed Messages; the fancy-schmancy shape behind the sentiment is a Nestie; and the skinny ribbon is from my stash. I thought about blinging it up a little, but then decided against it so the button can be the STAR.

I made two of these and they'll end up in my etsy store as soon as I get them bagged and tagged and posted.

I am going to the Post Office today (sure hope it's open), then I'm actually going to buy some food. That's just crazy talk, I know, but you see, I have these mushrooms that are just crying to be stuffed, and I wanted to make another batch of spinach-artichoke dip to stuff them, and I have no more canned artichokes. 'Tis certainly tough to do without the main ingredient, so shop, I must.

After I get all that errand stuff out of the way, I hope to make some more Valentine's Day cards, so I should have something crafty to share with you later.

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  1. I LOVE it! I too rarely use PP, but it looks great here.

    I can't wait to hear about those mushrooms! I wish you were my neighbor!

  2. YAY, you used a button! Love this card - really pretty!

  3. Great card Leslie! I need to use more of that DSP too...LOL.
    Like you PP is not on my top 10 list but used with black it looks great! the furniture moving..I like the new two tier look.

  4. These are great! They should sell well :)


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