Wednesday, January 6, 2010

I Tried

I am still trying for Project # 4 of 4 for this weekend. I really want to use the beyond-cute Love Bandit set. Really, really really, I do! This is all I have managed to produce:

Eh? It's not my best work. I just noticed I need to move that curly label piece up a little bit, though I have about 5 pounds of tape on it to make it stick. Just not my night, I guess.

All the other projects this month are pink or red, and I wanted this one to be, well, not. I had originally used a green accent down the left side, but it looked like Christmas, so I scrapped it and went with red.

I think it is boring. What do you think?

And being a full-disclosure kind of gal, here is my current 6 square inches of available work space at my Captain's Table:

Yeah, it might be time to put away a few things. But just a few. I've also run out of acrylic blocks to use with all these un-mounted stamps, so that's another challenge. I think I'll have to post this card on The Door Gallery and use some more of my new stuff for Project #4. Or maybe I'll use OLD stuff. heh heh That'll shock 'em!

In other news, my plumber is coming over tomorrow, so I took the day off from the Day Job. He'll be working in both the Kitchen and bathroom, so that means I need to clean the Kitchen and bathroom to reduce the embarrassment level. He says he does not judge, but still ... I'll clean. That will also save me some time Sunday morning, which is my normal OH MY GOD THE LADIES ARE COMING OVER AND I NEED TO CLEAN THE BATHROOM AND KITCHEN list of tasks before my Stamp Camps. See? It all works out.

Also, my 1 and 2 laptop keys are sticking, which pi$$es me off to no end. I'll be prying those off in the next day or so to investigate the probable cause. I vote for cat hair. Do I hear a second? :-)

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  1. What do I think? I think you're being too hard on yourself - that is super cute!!

  2. Your 6" of space looks vaguely familiar in these here parts too! I like your card - I think it's a cute non-traditional kind of valentine with the kraft and brown!

  3. Super Cute Leslie!! What are you talking about???

    have fun with the the most civil way I mean.

    I second the cat hair theory..or food crumbs...

  4. I think that card is really cute! And I did NOT think of Christmas at all when I saw it. That card is a keeper.

    I second the motion, though I'm sure she is innocent ;) It must have been a draft that blew the cat hair there.

  5. you clean your kitchen before we come over ????

  6. duuuuuuuuuuuude!!! you 6" space looks EXACTLY like my 6" space...altho...i must say your surrounding piles are impressively tall (at least ONE is castin' a SHADOW!) and teetery. i think you win for this month!!! :)

    btw, i ♥LOVE♥ the love bandit card!!! like, seriously A LOT! not at all boring, cute as all get out, and will DEFINITELY sell 18 of those racoon stamp sets! i do NOT think it's at all boring...but if you do, may i suggest a bit of ribbon/dangly fiber at the spine edge for a bit o' texture??! (can you believe it's ME telling *YOU* this?!??!) or better still leave it as is and see what the stampers add to it when they come! ♥♥♥


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