Sunday, January 10, 2010

A Quick Card

One of my Tweeple, Dreena, is having a color challenge (colour, if you are from Canada) on her blog and I really, really, REALLY want to play, but did not think I'd have the time. So since I am trapped here, unable to go to bed until the dryer finishes drying so I have clean undies to wear to work tomorrow (no commando for me, nuh-uh), I gave her challenge a try tonight.

The challenge is to use Chocolate and Orange, and for me to do anything but Thanksgiving or Halloween with those colors, I needed inspiration. I had no idea what would come out, but since we all know I never, ever put anything away, my Captain's Table is largely gone - hidden - buried under a heap of crafty goodness that I hoped would reveal itself to me. And it did! Lookie:

Here's how it all went down:

- The pack of A Muse brown note cards = Chocolate. Check.
- I opened (OPENED) a pack of patterned PTI papers and took out what turned out to be Summer Sun - no, wait, that's an SU color ... be right back ... Summer Sunrise. It's kindof a gold-ish deep yellow I am calling Orange. Check.
- I spied one of my new SU punches just lying there and decided to use it as an edge. It's not very well lined up, but just pretend you do not notice. Thanks.
- I spied my stack of Tessa Ann buttons ( and found a really dark brown one. Yay!
- I searched in vain for about 10 minutes for my Chocolate Chip Craft Ink (WHO TOOK IT, ANYWAY?! YOU BRING IT BACK RIGHT NOW!), but it was nowhere to be found, so I re-inked my Classic Choc Chip ink and used it instead.
- The sentiment? Oh, that was (all together now) out on the table, so I used it!
- I took out my box of Every Color Black & Brown Ribbon But The One I Need, then scrapped the ribbon idea, because, well, where would I put it?

I called the card DONE.

That's it! I am off to check the dryer, then to bed. Gotta go to the Day Job tomorrow, then I have session 3 of 3 of my Stamp Camps tomorrow evening, and it's a full house. So far The Ladies have enjoyed the projects, so we've had a great time. Always fun!

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. WOW that is completely gorgeous Leslie!!

  2. LOVELY..I love the clean lines :-)

  3. This is what i'm talkin 'bout! You just sat down and had some fun and brought chocolate orangey goodness to the table! You're awesome! Thanks for playing!

  4. Fabulous card- I love the bold yet clean design.

  5. You definitely rose to the challenge - great card!! :) Love your blog too - I appreciate your humour and writing style - this is my first visit here (via Prairie Papercrafts and Stamps) but I'll definitely be back for another visit! Cheers from Vancouver, BC!


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