Wednesday, January 20, 2010

A Tour of The Captain's Table

As promised, I bring you a tour of the Captain's Table. From afar it looks like a disaster, but if you get closer and look at all the stampy goodness, you will realize, as I do, that it is a treasure trove of inspiration.

The only problem is - there is so much going on, I am unable to focus. Let's call it sensory overload. All the possibilities spin inside my brain until I need to just walk away.

Let's get started, shall we? Oh, and let me warn you - this could be the most boring thing you've ever read. You've been warned.

First up, we have this stamp that I guilted myself into taking out of its shipment box and placing it on the table so I'd maybe use it or something. I did eventually mount it the other night. Baby steps.

Next we have another stamp I forced myself to take out of the shipping box and place on the table:

I've mounted this one, too. Even introduced it to some ink. Then I got distracted.

In case you are wondering, I am doing a show in March, so having maybe one or two Easter cards in stock might be a good idea. So far, like I've said, the stamps have made it to the table. I have no idea what I'll do with them. Another baby step.

Ah, a new die I just had to have:

It's unwrapped.

A stamp I bought at Angela's, undoubtedly swayed by a cool sample card on the wall:

Still no ink yet.

And in front of the stamp are left-over bird parts from last week's classes:

WHAT? Throw them away? Are you nuts? I actually have an idea for a card with these birds. No, really, I do!

Next we have my Tessa Ann button collection in its new home:

I love these buttons. I want to look at these buttons. I want to be inspired by these buttons. One day I may even use these buttons.

Then we have the Hero Arts Woodland Creatures set:

I want to make more cards using the other images (I've used the squirrel and the row of mushrooms and one sentiment so far) so I cannot put it away. Did you notice that pad of BG papers under the stamps. Mmm-hmmm.

Oh, here's a stamp I took out over a week ago:

My plan was to CASE a card I saw, and maybe use it for my February Stamp Camps. That's still my plan, but since I have not made a card with it yet, here the stamp sits.

Here I have a mostly-hidden container of new brads:

Yeah, I even put in a red arrow so you could find the container in all that mess. I got three packs of the chocolate epoxy brads from the Occasions Mini, and fully plan to use them on a card for February. I hope.

Here is a calendar I bought from the last mini catalog:

As you can see, I also got the brown magnetic-closure box. LOVE that box. Also please notice the calendar is unadorned, much like the chipboard easel poking out from under it. Wanna take any bets on my success at completing the January page before the end of January?

I also pre-ordered the egg decorating kit:

... NOT to decorate eggs, mind you, but because it is full of cool die-cut shapes that should help me crank out some Easter cards. Uh-huh. I just opened the pack and looked at it the other night. Hey, it's open. Baby steps. Oh, the kit also comes with a sheet of adhesive bling - YAY!!!!! SU bling!

And lastly, I bring you yet another Easter set I got:

... that is (1) mounted now and (2) sitting here on the lamp base because there is no other room on the table.

The end.

Do you now understand my dilemma? I have a bazillion options here for card creations, and I have no idea where to begin, so I do nothing. I sometimes go in there and look at things, then I retreat. Monday night, instead of touching any of this stuff, I made two completely out-of-the-blue cards, which reminds me: I now have some scraps from those papers that I need to address, as in "use".

It is truly an embarrassment of riches. I only hope I can kick-start my Easter mojo in time to make some cards for my Feb Stamp Camps and my March show. I will be doing some major CASEing for Easter. Oh, yeah.

Tonight I hope to actually STAMP something, maybe even with one of those items I have mentioned above. Wouldn't that be a nice change!? Wish me luck!

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. *sigh* - I felt this same pressure when I got a shipping notification yesterday. I haven't even THOUGHT about Valentines yet, dang it!! Don't skip to Easter yet!


    TFS. Pat my er, your kitty for me.

  2. i don't get inspired unless i can see my if my table is clean i don't make...

  3. Oh, I feel your pain...

    I found it difficult to concentrate on the remainder of your post after the second stamp because I was laughing so hard over that second stamp, " don't annoy me"!!! That is SO funny :)

  4. I can totally relate. My stamp room is organized but still full of stuff that overwhelms me so much of the time. I spend so much time browsing blogs and collecting ideas, but little time actually creating anything. I did see a sample on Dave Brethauer's blog yesterday using that bird stamp - something to do with chalk inks and chalks - it was very pretty!

  5. All though I am not a "card person" nor do I have stamps everywhere ;-) (I am a sewing type person) My studio/office is also a bit messy, but I must say I am inspired by your mixing of color and patterns. You actually help me step out of my "safety" zone and try mixing things up a bit. Thanks

    ps..You crack me up!

  6. know if it's not OUT you won't use it!

    hee hee :)
    Love your baby steps. You still create some of the best cards EVAH!!!


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