Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Well, Now That You Mention It ...

Tonight I thought I'd show you something normal before I hit you with the irreverence du jour. This is a quick card I made using some of my new Basic Grey papers:

They are so pretty! And with no sentiment, it can work even after Valentine's Day! I love a good multi-tasker!

Okay, are you ready? Here she is:

... and because the sentiment is so tiny:

I love that lady stamp. She gets to say the darndest things! All of the card stock and paper (ALL of it) was from the Scrap Heaplette, except for the card bases. A little nibble here, a little nibble there ... I'm working on it ...

To answer a question from yesterday, that Pint O'Powder - a whole pint of clear embossing powder - is from Viva Las Vegas Stamps. It says it works on detail, but I have not opened it yet. I'll report back on when I do.

In other news ... um ... er ... well, there is no other news. Well, I could tell you I went to Lowe's to return something and they told me I couldn't return it since I bought it at Home Depot, but that would be embarrassing. Then I could tell you I recovered by hitting the Hot Food Bar at Whole Foods and bought myself some Pot Roast for dinner. Well, I could tell you that, but I won't. Hmph. Yeah, the excitement is just too much to contain, can you tell?

On that note, I think I'll go to bed and read for a while. Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Love it! You are the Queen of irreverent & I LOVE it! The BG card is cute - can't wait till my LSS gets some of the new stuff in so I can see in person!

  2. well, at least you're eatin' a main course instead of an hors d ouevre tonight ;)

  3. You sure have a way of expressing a person's sassy moments! Love it! And now I want pot roast! mmmmmm

  4. OMG that cracked me up!!!! Love the sentiment.

  5. I'm feeling so honored - you put me and my motto on one of your cards! all smiles and blushing here.

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  7. I just can't cut into my Sugar Rush paper pad yet. Crazy, I know :) Your card is super sweet!

    Your snarky lady is up and around and funny as ever :)


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