Friday, January 8, 2010

A Minor Plumbing Adventure

As promised, I bring you an exciting plumbing installment. I took the day off Thursday for my plumber/handyman to come over and take care of a list of thing's I'd saved up for him. In our communication over the past few weeks, my short list became a little longer. Remember how I've mentioned that in my world, 12 things need to be done before the one thing you really wanted done? Uh-huh. This was no different.

A while ago I broke off the handle of the sprayer on my kitchen sink, so it was dead. I wanted him to either fix it or replace it, to which he suggested I could have a pull-down sprayer on my faucet and replace the dead sprayer with a soap dispenser. So I went shopping and bought the parts, then he came over to do the installation.

Here is my kitchen sink Before:

Notice that broken sprayer on the right. Note: My kitchen sink NEVER EVER EVER looks like this. I had to clear away everything, including three paper grocery bags of stuff from underneath the sink.

After much grumbling (both of us) and trips to the store (both of us) we have this:

SWEET! Here's a profile view:

Niiiice, huh? The only problem is he said the new faucet is sooooo much nicer than the sink, I probably need a new sink to go with it. To which I responded, "Ooooh, I have always wanted one of these:

Or one of these:

This exclamation led to a discussion of the new counter top I'd also need. I'm thinking soapstone, since EVERYone has granite, and I happen to like the look of soapstone. This may not happen this year, but soon. Soon.

We also discussed a small, mobile island. I'd take two upper cabinets (not as deep as base cabinets), screw them together back-to-back, put them on casters, slap on a counter top, and it will be A-MA-ZING. Okay, HE will do all of that, but he thinks it is a grand idea, and my dream is to have the additional storage to get all the crap pantry and craft overflow off my kitchen floor. I think this will be my next project.

While he was here, he also fixed my leaky terlet and re-caulked parts of my tub. He laughed at me (LAUGHED) when I showed him the box I still had from the last time *I* fixed the terlet all by myself. So when he was done fixing things, he left me two parting gifts:

A part from the terlet repair kit:

... and the remaining caulk from the bathtub:

Then he laughed when I said, "Thank You!" He must think I am a loon or something.

That is all for this evening. I hope to get the card stock cut and kits assembled for Sunday & Monday's Stamp Camps, then maybe I'll have time to stamp so I'll have something crafty to show you.

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  1. Lovely Leslie! I hear a full blown kitchen reno in your future! Living in an older home I know how 1 begets 12 in the blink of an eye!!!
    The island idea sounds cool!!

  2. Hae you maybe thought of Corian for the counter and sink? My sink/counter top is a single piece. Cleaning is a snap and scratches can be "buffed" out. Really remarkable stuff.


  3. I love your new faucet! I want one like that someday, but it leads down the same sick but I want an undermount one, which means new countertop. If we're doing new countertop we may as well get new cabinets. And then the floor looks like I guess we'll keep our sink faucet for now.

  4. DH & I have had this project on our wish list ever since we bought this house. Maybe one day...

  5. ooooooooooooooh and AHHHHHHHHHHHH even! i like the fancy sinks, as well! the mobile island sounds like a FAB idea...of course i'd give it ONE MONTH (or the first stamp camp after its inception) before it is wheeled into the dining room to serve as sizzix station and mobile chocolate dispenser. HEY! does plumbingwallah DIECUT too, by any chance??!?! :) :) :)

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  7. Fancy schmancy! I LOVE the new faucet!!


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