Saturday, January 30, 2010

Sew What

I've been mostly horizontal for a day and a half - something I ate, I think. I hope. Now that the system has been purged, so to speak, I am now too weak to do much of anything. But in an effort to remain a functional member of society, I did drag myself off the couch and out from under the cat to fix some tea and to try and stamp something.

As I sat at the Captain's Table, I spied the two negatives from my floofy bird die cuts and decided I needed to save some of the inch or so along the side before I tossed them. Once I had the strips of precious paper, it took me the better part of two hours, but I made two cards:

Yep, this was all because of the 1 1/2" strip of paper I could not bear to throw away. Can you tell I still had that sentiment still out and available? How convenient! ;-)

Here's the other one:

These are the same except this one has a shorter yellow piece. I'd pulled this piece of So Saffron from the Mega Scrap Heap and embossed it, but I soon found out it had stamping on one side of it and I'd embossed the wrong side, so I had to cut it off.

Did you notice something new and different here? I sewed! I DID! I took out my old Kenmore that I got as a wedding present a looooong time ago, and I used it! Obviously, I have a bit of a problem with the corners, but I embellished them in the hope that it looks like I meant to do that.

And ya know what? I might just be bold and enter these two in Dreena's color (colour) challenge since they use the same piece of paper as the others. Yeah, I am SO going to do that! YOU should play, too! You have until the 10th, so come on over and join us!

Now I need a nap. Thanks for stopping by!


  1. I'm glad you didn't throw those scraps away, those cards are wonderful. I do the same thing - save scraps like that. But I rarely use them. The corners of your sewing do make it look like you meant to do that, I think it looks good.

  2. NIIICE!

    I love the embossing, that paper is amazing, and you know what....YOU SEWED! PLUS, you've used this colour challenge and submitted THREE TIMES, in multiples!

    ...I'm pretty sure you deserve a wonder woman costume or maybe a gold pick :)

    You were right...these are YOUR colours!

  3. I love that you sewed! I am not that brave but I always love the look!


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