Monday, January 25, 2010

Time For A Little Sass

It's been a long time coming, but the irreverence is back! I got a shipment of stamps from Viva Las Vegas Stamps, and they were so inspiring, I made not one, but TWO cards tonight. Actually four, two of each design, but who's counting? *I* am counting, that's who! heh heh

When I saw this sentiment stamp on their Web site, I laughed out loud and clicked Add To Cart:

And here's the whole card:

I knew immediately I'd pair it with one of my ladies - this time I chose an SU image (Sassy Suzie). I just love this one. I especially like that the blue patterned paper is from my growing Scrap Heaplette.

I also made two of my old stand-by:

I can say "old stand-by" because I keep selling out of them. What I love about this one (outside of that sentiment, of course) is the paper is from the Scrap Heaplette AND the ribbon is from my cache of retired "must have them all" SU ribbon collection. yes!

Along with the new stamps I also picked up this:

... a full pint of the world's best embossing powder (so they say). Do you think I have enough for a while? I got it because I have failed repeatedly to get the mix right for the scratch-n-sniff technique, and I thought this would help me get over the "oh my gosh I've used a whole container of EP and it's still not working" hurdle. A girl can dream.

I'll add these cards to my etsy store tomorrow. Right now it is long past my bed time!

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  1. hahahahaaaa!! Love the monkey one especially!!!

  2. OH, those are wonderful! I so NEED that monkey stamp! Is that detail clear EP in that pint? If so, who makes it??

  3. That is A LOT of e.p.!!!

    If I mixed all of my jars together, I would not have that much :)

    Best sentiment EVER, BTW :)


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