Monday, January 18, 2010

A Futzy Day

Back in November (it seems so long ago, doesn't it?) I was playing with some cloth-like ribbon and I ended up with two of these:

Me being me, they were in the staging area of my Captain's Table, just waiting for inspiration to hit the grey matter between my ears. Yesterday, my friends, was that day.

I had just suffered through two serious stamping failures. First, I was playing with a set that requires the stamping of one image to exactly line up with another one. I tried, oh I tried, but in the end, it was a major, frustrating FAIL. I cleaned up the stamps and put them away for another rainy day. I can smell defeat, and it was baaaad.

Next, I set in to stamp some images of two stamps I bought a few weeks ago at Angela's, and every last one of them was a major failure. I think I do not do well with detailed images. I even tried a brayer, but it was not much better. I do not need any more frustration in my life, so I cleaned those two stamps, put them in a bubble envelope, and they will be sent to their new home on Tuesday. That left me at 0 for 2. Not a good day.

THEN I spied those two made-of-ribbon shapes, and I was determined a third failure was not going to happen. Oh, no it wasn't! I was going to work with those things until I MADE A STINKIN' CARD with them. And I did. ;-)

It took a lot of futzing. A LOT. Different card bases, different browns, some 'what about this' and 'omg what was I thinking' and a little trimming and layering and die-cutting and piecing and I had this:

YES, I KNOW IT IS CROOKED, but that is because nothing is taped down yet. All of the layers are loosey and I was just looking at them, trying to decide if I should stop and call it done. I did.

This is the finished product:

I tried some black bling where those two black dots are, but it was too big and bling-y. The dots are from my hole punch reservoir. I would have used a black brad, but I'd already stuck everything to the card, and it was too late. Not needing FAIL #3, I opted for a little glue and the punch.

Ya know what? This looks crooked, too. It looked crooked the whole time I was assembling the parts-is-parts, and no matter how much I measured and eyeballed and MADE SURE the points were properly aligned, well, I am the Crooked Stamper, so what do you expect? Personally, I believe it is an optical illusion because of the pattern in the ribbon layer and the wonky handmade paper texture. Uh-huh. I do believe that to be the case.

Tonight, I shall rummage through the Staging Area again to see what falls out. I'll be sure to report back!

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  1. Love the shape of these elements. And the black outline really defines it. Nice!

  2. Is that a new Nestie shape? I remember the books it!

    I've had a lot of crooked days of late, but I think my mojo is warmed up now...I hope...

    Great idea turning these into retirement cards. I've never made a retirement card before. Hmmmm...


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