Sunday, December 12, 2010

Annual Self-Challenge

Every Winter I try to think of something to do to challenge myself. I mostly fail to do anything about it, but sometimes it works. One year I waited until April, then challenged myself to use ONLY papers from the Scrap Heap. I actually made good progress and made 150 cards in one month! ALL out of the Scrap Heap!

So I sat here this evening trying to think about what to do this Winter. Hmmm ... think think think ... and I've decided I must use (at least once) all the new stuff I still have in the shopping bags and then put them all away. If I actually accomplish this, I will have nothing left on the floor in the Captains Quarters and I should be ready for next season with all sorts of cool cards.

Yeah, I know, it sounds scary. And unrealistic. And dreamy.

We'll see if I succeed or not. We'll also see if I wait until April to begin. HA! Could happen. I could also change my mind tomorrow.

In other news, I had two of my three monthly Stamp Camps today. I have tomorrow off of work, and I plan to go to the Post Office, do laundry, and clean off the Captain's Table. I have one more Stamp Camp tomorrow night, and then I hope to work on my holiday cards on Tuesday. I know, it's not Dec 24th yet. I've always been an over-achiever. :)

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  1. Remember to leave some room in your Captain's Quarter for me next summer. ;)

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