Monday, December 6, 2010

The Day After

Hello, and Happy Monday! *I* am happy because today is a recovery day. I still have a brain cloud from yesterday's show, and I am grateful I took a vacation day today.

Because I am too tired to think, I've decided to post something someone else did. :) My pal, MB, had a little too much time on her hands one day and did a very fun summary of my Thanksgiving Marathon. So this morning I bring you:

The Twelve Posts of Thanksgiving

For the Twelve Blogs of Thanksgiving Leslie gave to Us:

AT LEAST…. Twelve New Projects!

Eleven Twists for a Rosette

Ten Different Colors (black, white, orange, yellow, gray, Vintage Violet, Cranberry Crisp, Buckaroo Blue, Marigold Morning, True Thyme)

Nine C.R.S. Cards

Eight Cards of Cods

Seven Words of Wisdom “I was determined to make it work.”

Six Instructions for a Wreath

Five Extra Funky Museum Art

Four Pretty Purses

Three Hopeful Hearts

Two Candy Boxes

And One Pretty Guilty Lady

Isn't that FUN? Thanks, MB!!!

So today I have the following activities planned:

1. Load up my booth walls into the car (they are in my Living Room now).

2. Go to Chloe's Coffee Shop to (a) get coffee and (b) swap out the card inventory, including the Halloween cards, with all new stuff, including Christmas cards.

3. Unload my booth stuff from the car to my storage unit.

4. 12:30 massaaaaage

5. Clean up.

6. Before I clean up in here, though, I think I'll to a pictorial documentary of the mess. I love taking one for the Team.

That's all for now. Gotta run. Thanks for stopping by!


  1. aaah I need a nap reading this! I can't wait to see the "before" pics!!!

    wv: indoge - I think it's essential to indoge in a massage after such hard work.

  2. At least mine was only one blog, yours went on for twelve! LOL

    I think I am going to pencil Bauer in next year. I feel like I missed out.



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