Friday, December 10, 2010

Ornament & Crafting Cap

As most of you know by now, I'm pathetically behind with planning projects for my monthly Stamp Camps. You also know, if you've been here more than once, that this is not unusual. Nope. Standard Operating Procedure.

So imagine my delight when I stumbled upon this project, complete with amazing video, to teach me how to make this:

Now you know if *I* can make it, it's not all that difficult, right? I used SU Shimmer white paper and the same Serene Snowflakes stamp set she used. Since my Wild Wasabi ink pad is Missing In Action (maybe it fell into a black hole or is visiting a parallel universe), I was forced to use Pear Pizzazz for my green, which also means I now have two projects using the same ink. Of course. Standard. Operating. Procedure.

So this innocent-looking folded dealio is pretty fat. Look:

Lots of folded shimmery goodness. Here it is open:

... and from the side:

Because I am lacking in beads and baubles that would work, I made this a 100% SU project (where she did not, I might add) and I used a Jumbo Eyelet as my closure:

I am so freakin' clever. That's three projects ... well, actually 2.75. I still need to make the pocket for the purse I made back here. My fourth project will be a Valentine's Day card using the set in the Holiday mini catalog. It will be! Fer sure.

In the Christmas Miracle Department, when I got home tonight I checked to see if I have any more Shimmer white paper for, well, you know, 16 kits? And I DO! Phew!

In other news, I got a prezzie from Germany! Look - a hat:

One of my tweeps in England has a writing hat, and he inspired me to want a crafting cap. Another tweep in Germany decided I needed one for Christmas, so she went shopping and found this for me; it arrived today. L-O-V-E!!!

Look at some of the detail:

She said I need to wear it sitting back on my head. Well, I have such a BIG HEAD, it slips off no matter where I put it, so I have a clip holding it on in the front. You can kindof see it on the left here:

Isn't this FUN?!?!?! Here's another angle of it on my head:

And all the bling actually jingles when I walk around. So fun! (You should have seen me trying to take pics of the top and back of my own head. OHMYGOSH! ;/

Now that I have a crafting cap, I guess I should get crafty, non? This is my official first real weekend with no show and no market, so I have all day Saturday to be productive. Not sure I can manage that, but I'll try!

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  1. I love the ornament! It really gets back to the heart of paper crafting! And that cap...GENIUS! What a sweet friend you have!

  2. Hey, the best thing in the caps pic is your truly gorgeous hair!!! I'm SO envious of those curls!!! And I'm SO happy you like the cap!!!

  3. WOW 2 times! The ornament is gorgeous and the hat is fabulous! It should really improve your crafting! I love that it jingles. Well done, Mariam!


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