Saturday, December 25, 2010

A Crafty Christmas Saturday

Merry Christmas to all of you who celebrate! Since I do not, I got crafty this morning.

First, I have to tell you I have given up on that purple stuff. It was sucking the mojo right out of me, so I put it away, and immediately the fog cleared. So I'm giving away what's left of this pack of purple papers:

If you want it - it's yours.

I next approached The Captain's Table and addressed this pile of stamped cards:

I'd started them back in November when I had a show in VA, but they never got finished. I stamped 20 (turns out it was only 19) of the single cats (Lawn Fawn - Critters in the 'Burbs), and I did one with two cats, just to see how it looked:

I thought I'd color them with Copics and sell them as 5-packs... but what to my wandering eyes should appear ... THIS:

A pile of s-crap?! Oh, NO, it is NOT! Let's look more closely:

That, my friends, is pretty paper! Look:

Several weeks ago I received the much-coveted Doily die from My Favorite Things and used it to cut out some mulberry (hand-made) paper, but set it aside in lieu of other, more pressing projects, like my December Stamp Camps. I was immediately inspired to create this:

Yeah, the sentiment was out, so it got re-used. But the thing of which I am most proud is I found that ribbon - almost a perfect match! - in my box of Every Color Orange, Pink and Red Ribbon But The One I Need. SO proud. Can you see the off-white doily peeking out from under the brown eyelet circle? :) I made two of these, bagged and tagged them, then went to work on the kitty cards.

I colored half this color:

... and the other half this color:

No matter what colors I choose, it will be wrong, so I just picked two. I will place bets that someone will ask if I have any blacks, or calicoes, or plain white, or striped. Nope, just tan and grey - sorry.

I also colored the two-kitty card - one of each:

It will either be perfect for someone, or it will languish in my box of note cards for years and years. We'll see.

I'm going back in for more. Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Love the cards! Those kitties are adorable and I think I need that doily die - how big is it?

  2. Love the little kitties and beautiful cards by the way.
    Would be happy to take that purple paper off your hands. It's one color that I really haven't worked with yet.
    May you have a blessed and healthy New Years.


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