Monday, December 6, 2010

Why I love this gig

Just a short post about a series of events that reminded me why I love making cards to sell.

1. I was doing a craft show on Nov 16th when a woman came into my booth and asked for a business card. She was asking on behalf of neighbor of hers who couldn't make the show, and wanted my business card. I thought that was interesting, but I was pleased someone actually looked for me on purpose!

2. I had a message on my answering machine from someone who wants to buy some of my cards as a gift.

I called her back today, and it turns out she is the one who had asked her neighbor to get my business card. She had purchased some of my cards at last year's show, sent them off, and one of the recipients was so taken by the card she'd received that this woman wanted to gift her with more. She looked at the backs of the remaining cards, and none of them had my stamp on them (they weren't mine), so she was out of luck.

She remembered she'd bought them at that particular show, and she couldn't make it this year, which is why she sent her neighbor to collect my business card.

Now we have an appointment for her to stop by and shop my cards this Saturday, from the comfort of my Living Room. I'm even going to give her a box to put them in. Funny that I had this idea to let people create gift sets out of any 4 or 5 cards and I'd give them the box. No one has ever done it in 7 years, so I have plenty of boxes. :)

This is also why it is so important to include your contact information on your cards. People do look at it, even years later. I am pumped!

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. How wonderful is this?! That's just about the best thing I've read ALL day. :) Yay!!

  2. Thats wonderful!!! Maybe she will join your card making class....sell it lady!!!

  3. that's exciting...nice to have that affirmation!

  4. That's fantastic! I love when something like that happens! You deserve it - your cards are wonderful!


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