Thursday, December 9, 2010

Happy Mail!

I got happy mail! My blog pal Lauren over at "...all the GOOD blog names were taken ..." is blessed with the fussy gene, which I lack. Check this out:

Isn't it GOR-JUS! I A D O R E this. Check out that corner:

... and the layers of paper and trim:

WHY, oh WHY, can I not do this?!?!? Sigh. I love everything she does, and I feel so special having received this in the mail. Lauren? *MWAH*

In other news, I have revived my near-death Etsy store, so that mini store linky thing in the right side bar is no longer a big empty. Show season is over and it's time to settle in for the Winter. I'll upload more as time permits.

And I might, just MIGHT get crafty in the next day or two so I'll have something to share that *I* made. It could will happen. Don't look so shocked. I do, after all, have my Stamp Camps on Sunday and Monday, and I still need 2.25 projects for them, so it may be midnight Saturday, but it WILL happen.

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. That's awesome! I wish I got cards like that.

  2. OOF! turns out, the only thing cooler than postin' cards of which i am proud is havin' SOMEONE ELSE do it for me! ta v much missus, this has totally MADE MY DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    (ps: MWAH back...most embarrassed that of late, i don't BLOG VISIT, but THE LEAST i can do is send a holiday greeting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

  3. So pretty! How sweet!

  4. Ooh, how right - it is just gorgeous! (I'm sure you could do that if you wanted to... I see stuff all the time and think, "I could do that" but it's easier to just...not. Why is that??)

  5. How freakin' GORJUS is this?!?! Okay, now it actually makes me want to throw the 20 cards I just made in trash and start all over again, but I guess we can't be ALL be as talented as Ms. Lauren. ;) Super, duper pretty card!! (And I bet she made it in 5 minutes, too. I'm gonna have to hate her now. bwahhaha!)


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