Wednesday, December 8, 2010

(Slightly) Embellished Bag

I had to go to a mall tonight. I KNOW! I am allergic to malls, but I did it anyway, for the good of the team. It's across the street from work, so naturally I drove. Hey, they have a parking garage, and that way I wouldn't have to go outside in the cold wind.

The good thing is people know I'm allergic to malls, so I was given very. specific. detailed. directions, so I was able to make a bee-line straight for the store, then high-tail it out of there. I intensely dislike shopping. Intensely.

The store gave me a handsome bag, but it's a dead giveaway for what's inside. Just look at this:

As I drove home, my mind was working ... working ... something had to be done ... and when I got home I did this:

I think it's passable. Do you think it looks cheesy? Does it need (wait for it) ... ribbon?

I am proud that I used one of my Marvy punches to make the flower large enough to cover the logo:

Very proud. AND I opened another pack of poinsettias. I was looking for a pink or purple button to use, but guess what? I have everything BUT. Of course. So I used the poinsettias.

So it is done, and that is all I have done. I may still be recovering from that shopping experience. {shudder} If I can't point and click and have it end up on my (or someone else's) doorstep - ain't happening.

I'm still down 2.25 projects for this weekend's Stamp Camps. Clueless. And people keep signing up, so I'd best get my rear in gear, huh? Ach - it's not Saturday midnight yet. LOTS of time. ;/

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  1. ok, see, this is why I LOVE YOU...b/c you sooooo very very VERY sensibly reduce things to their essentials! (unlike some of us...the fussy gene IS often cool...but it DOES NOT have an off switch which can totally be a drawback trust me!!!)

    i love how you've embellished the bag JUST ENOUGH! it looks grrrrrrrrrrrrreat...but you didn't spend hours, you didn't agonize, you SAW what it needed, did that bit, and MOVED ON. i must learrrrrrrrrrrrn from you, oh wise one!!!!!

    (ps: this month's stamp camps can be FREESTYLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! miss leslie puts out a variety of supplies and SU holiday goodies and campers can graze at the buffet of crafty goodness!!!) (ok, i was joking when i started that comment but hey--this could *TOTALLY* catch on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) :) :) :)


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