Thursday, December 23, 2010

Purple Haze - Part 2

Have I mentioned how much I detest working with purple? Specifically light purples. I felt the need to qualify that statement because I happen to love Concord Crush and Pear Pizzazz together, or Eggplant and Celery. I'm talking about the light purples - the ones that are impossible to match. Or coordinate. Or tone down.

This is an example of what happens when I'm suffering from excessive exposure to purple:

I tried. I really did. And I hate intensely dislike this card. InTENSly. (Although you have to admit that sentiment rocks, doesn't it?)

So what shall I do with all those cut-out shapes of purple-ness? Someone suggested I sponge over the purple-ness to tone it down a bit. I suggested using black.

Then the suggestion was to use a contrasting color to draw the eye away from the nauseating, hideous, mojo-sucking pastel-ness of it all. (No, I don't do Easter well. Why do you ask?) The old SU Color wheel lists Olive, Caramel and Not Quite Navy as coordinating colors for Lavender, and So Saffron as a complementary color. Really? Maybe not.

Basic Gray might work. And some shades of yellow do go with a lavender/lilac-y purple. I might try those tomorrow. If I fail, all those cut-out shapes will be trashed. Unless someone wants them. Speak up by Monday or they are history.

Just think. If I can get past all this purple, I might be able to move on with my quest to make a dent in the mess that is The Captain's Table.

I'll try again Friday and let you know how I fare.

Happy Festivus! I guess I've aired MY grievances for this year. ;/

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