Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Time to Make the Buckeyes

I waited too long this year to make these. I usually start in November, but, well, I lost track of time this year. I thought I'd show you the process I described back here.

**My usual disclaimer: I took these one-handed and in not-so-good light, so I apologize in advance for the condition of the photos.

After you follow the steps in that other post for mixing the butter + PB + Vanilla extract + powdered sugar, you end up with a huge bowl of this stuff:

It doesn't look like much right now, but just wait!

I started the paraffin & chocolate melting in a double boiler:

... then I rolled that vat of "dough" into this tower of balls:

The chocolate is almost melty enough:

Once it's mostly smooth, you take one of the PB concoction balls and put it on the spoon:

... then you roll it around until coated:

Let most of the excess chocolate run out of the spoon, then place the coated ball onto a cookie sheet covered with wax paper:

Here are the first 35:

You take that sheet to a large, flat surface (I left my long table up after this weekend's classes), slide the wax paper onto the table:

... then repeat. This recipe makes about 15 dozen, so that's 5 cookie sheets of 35, plus a few more.

There is no way I have room in my fridge for all of these, so I went ahead and packed up a bunch of them. Here is a box I made up for a co-worker who saved my behind yesterday while I was home being a slug:

I even tied it with a bow:

This is the box each of my boys will be getting in their care packages:

I love that the USPS invented Flat Rate shipping boxes. These things are HEAVY.

I have a small bowl left after packing all that, which is why I usually make multiple batches, but not this year. That small bowl will go to my mechanic and his staff for taking such good care of me this year. I love those guys!

In other news, while making these this morning, my window screens were attacked by a crazy squirrel. If any of those pics came out, I'll share them with you.

Happy Tuesday, and stay warm!


  1. Not a big PB fan, but wow...those look YUM!! You said Flat Rate, right? When can I expect some? Heehee! :D

  2. YUM. That more than I do. I just don't bake. I will cook you an 8 course dinner, but I don't bake.
    Although, since Eric's folks and sister will be here, I may enlist their help in making sugar cookies.
    Or not.


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