Saturday, December 18, 2010

A Commission, and SYFY # 15

I should have titled this post "You just never know". Because it's true - you just never know when someone will contact you for a special project. Yep! I had a special request, and it was only possible because I hemmed and hawed and finally decided to do a show in Virginia last year.

Short back-story: I was at the farmers market, stationed behind my tables, and a woman came up to me to ask if I'd consider doing a show in Arlington. My immediate response was No, partly because it's FAR (okay, only about 45 minutes), and partly because I didn't want to deal with the sales taxes in another state. She told me to think about it, then "stopped by" several more times over the next few weeks to see if I'd changed my mind. Long story short, I decided to do it last year, and it was a GOOD show for me ... totally worth the trip.

The show is all about Chesapeake Area Alaskan Malamute Protection (CHAAMP), though the craft vendors are free to sell whatever they normally sell. Last year I made some special cards for it, and also donated what I had left for the organization to use for a fund-raiser. And of course, I did the show again this year, too. People come from all over - even other states - to support the rescue. LOTS of dog people!

A few weeks ago, the woman that talked me into doing the show asked me to make a special card for the organizer. Seems she is responsible helping hundreds of dogs through her fund-raising efforts, and they wanted to do something for her. She likes purple (I don't) so I was asked to make it purple with lots of pretty purple papers. She also wanted it BIG, like legal-size big, but I talked her down to 8.5x11, which I actually HAVE. :)

This is my first mock-up:

She sent me a photo of a Malamute wind chime which I printed (explains the weird lines on it). I decided the color-blocked papers (Memory Box Making Memories, sorry) would work with some retired Lavender Lace card stock as long as there was a black layer between them.

Once she blessed the mock-up (first one, too! Woo-hoo!), I realized I had no way to bind it, so I left a 1/2 inch of space on the left edge, then fit everything into the remaining 8-inch space.

Note to self: measure twice, cut once.

I punched holes with my Crop-O-Dile with the intent of using Jumbo Eyelets along the spine, and weaving ribbon between them to pretty it up. But after I'd punched the holes, I realized that the eyelets were too big:

I should have measured them before I assumed 1/2" would be wide enough. :( But that gave me a SYFY moment to share, and we know I'm all about sharing, right? :) So here is my SYFY tip #15.

I had already layered the card front with the back and stuck them together with red sticky tape. Can you say "permanent"? So I decided I needed to cover up that boo-boo and start again. I cut a strip of card stock 1.5" wide and scored it down the middle at 3/4":

Then, again with the red sticky tape, I wrapped it around the left side of the card to make a new spine:

Then I got stuck. Now that the jumbo eyelets would fit, I wasn't sure I liked them any more. :( I took a break from all this futzing and tweeted the above picture to ask my crafty tweeps for assistance. They liked the idea, but one of them suggested I didn't really need the eyelets. GENIUS! So I carefully punched more holes and wove some taffeta ribbon thus(ly):

Then we collectively decided the bow was a bad idea, so I moved it down a little and just did a knot:

Plus, this way there is an equal amount of purple showing above and below the ribbon.

She actually wants TWO of these, and they are both done now. I'll get large white mailers from the office supply store to use as envelopes, and she'll come pick them up from me so I don't need to mail them to the next town. :)

That's my story. You just never know when someone will think about you and your craft and ask you to make something special. I'm pretty happy about it! :)

In other news, I made these today:

These are Cheese Cookies, and the recipe is here. They are a perfect snack, or better yet, a savory addition to a holiday table that is heavily laden with sweets. I suggest you make them according to the recipe the first time, then enhance it the next time. I think I might add some rosemary. You could also add chopped-up jalapeno. :) These are SOOOOOO good.

That's all I have for today. Thanks for stopping by!


  1. This is a stunning card! LOVE the silhouette & the purple looks so classy. :o) P.s. Mmmmm cheese! (those look so good)

  2. I like the final product!

    and yum, cheese cookies. mmm... cheese.

  3. Awwwww....some! :)

    I am not normally a fan of purple, either, but it looks really nice. The black helps. How fun!
    And thanks for the cookie recipe...I am not a sweets person normally, but I love a good cheese snack!
    Like my hips need one... ;)

  4. Good job. I'm so happy for you. The card is gorgeous.


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