Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Another Reveal (Long)

Once again, we are having a "my room is messier than your room" issue*, so I thought I'd set the record straight once and for all and do another Full Reveal. It pains me to do so, especially after editing some of these photos, but it's part of my purpose in life to make you feel better about your own crafty messes, so I'm glad to do it.

Earlier this year, I did a reveal very similar to this one, and in some ways I think this one may be a bit tamer. I may refer to the other post on occasion, so please feel free to look back.

Let us begin.

First, The Path. People laugh when I mention this feature, but it's true! Look:

A Path. Sigh. I couldn't make this up.

Now for a look at The Captain's Table:

... and from the front:

I guess this really isn't all that bad. Hmmm ... look at all that space on the grid paper! There's no space anywhere else, but still ... that looks bigger than 6x6 to me!

And as all crafters know, our "space" can be ANY flat surface, which includes the floor. Here is the floor to the left of The Captain's Table:

... really, now, this is TONS better than it was back in June! TONS!

And the floor to the right side:

This may be worse than in June. The paper cutter and ATG are missing, though. We'll get to them momentarily.

Turning the corner, we have this:

... and it needed some numbers:

1. Non-recyclable trash.
2. A box of stuff purchased from various places, still NIP (New In Package.)
3. Stuff from my LSS.
3+. More stuff from my LSS. I HAD to have it, don't you understand?!?!
4. Stuff from a local art store - mostly to make my own stamps. I brought them with me to KY in April, then I brought them back home, untouched. We were too busy laughing to make stamps, but at least the materials are well-traveled.
5. Card stock from GinaK. Nowhere to put it, so it lives here for now.
6. The Remnant Box.

So last month I moved to the Dining Room table for some elbow room, and it is now a disaster, too. Let's take a look:

Some quick numbers:

1. All the supplies for my Stamp Camps. They live here.
2. My photo studio. Seriously.
3. Everything else (including the ATG from the other room).

Please ignore that big X in the back right. That is a small table that has become a catch-all table for crafty things. I am trying to get it under control.

And again, all flat surfaces are fair game in the crafty world. Here is the chair to the left of where I sit at the Dining Room table:

The chair seat contains all the, "Okay, I'm done with that" stamps and also my paper trimmer. On the floor, leaning up against the chair are a 12x12 pack of Figgy papers from BG that I used this past week, plus a package of pre-cut card stock that came with one of my GinaK sets. I messed up and got a kit instead of just the stamp set. ;/

Also, each month I set out my Stamp Camp projects with all the necessary supplies as I start to prep for my kits. Since I occupied the Dining Room table, I was forced (FORCED, I TELL YOU!) to set up the big table early this month to have a staging area. We need to look at that, too:

Not too bad, actually. Let's take a closer look:

1. Two Thanksgiving cards I removed from my craft show boxes. They will live in the seasonal pile in the closet of the Captain's Quarters until next year.
2. A box of cards I brought back from Chloe's today. I need to work them back into the inventory.
3. A purple serving dish I bought at World Market. I can't get the tag off it, so I put it down in frustration and it's still there.
4. Pile of white and cream card stock. It's gone, now.
5. All the boxes of cards I have removed from my car, finally. Some of these cards will get posted to Etsy (eventually). The rest will languish until next Spring.
6. The two finished projects for this weekend's Stamp Camps.

So there you have it. I am tired from typing this, so you must now be exhausted having read it. As a reward, I should probably give something away, like stuff from the "omg, I must have it it's only $1" bin in the Captain's Quarters. Hmmm, let me ponder this for a while.

I still have 2.25 projects to make for this weekend, so I'll be posting something crafty very soon.

Thanks for stopping by!

* Plus one of my tweeps in Holland wants to see our crafty spaces.


  1. We'd like to explore exhibit A, pile 2, fur the primo N.I.P. please!

  2. It's not messy, it's inviting! I hope that, one day when I grow up, I'll have big piles of craftstuff around my house just like you!

  3. that's nothing compared to my cave... it's fairly organized, you can tell where stuff is - it's all good!

  4. I "organized" all my ribbons and fabrics into bins and cleaned my space....now I can't find ANYTHING!!! ugh ;)


  5. AHAHAHAHAA!! You are *so* NOT alone!! If I can find my camera today I will take some pictures... I'm glad to know that I'm in great company Leslie!!


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