Friday, December 31, 2010

A Baby Card

So I had this idea ... isn't it funny how many of my posts start out that way, and then end badly? Or at least very differently than I'd started out? Yeah, this is one of those that went in a totally different direction.

I'm filling in the holes in my inventory AND I'm using up (okay, making a dent in) my stash, so I had this idea to make some baby cards. I knew I had some baby papers in both blue and pink:

... so I cut them into card-sized pieces. I just HAD to use the whole sheet of both, so I got 6 pink and 5 blue. You see where this is going, don't you? ;/ While I was there, I also cut the pink and blue layers.

Then I went in search of images, and I selected this baby T-shirt from Hero Arts:

... and I stamped it on white to receive these, which I stamped on pink and blue:

THEN I thought it would be cool to have three across, so I stamped MORE of the white Ts and cut them out, along with the pink and blue circle layers:

This is where I was at that point:

THEN I realized I should have white Ts also cut out to look right on those stamped white Ts, and I also stamped and embossed my onesie stamp. I stamped it in Versamark on white and used clear EP. I almost went blind!

So here's the second iteration of that pile of parts-is-parts, with the white T-shirts and onesies clearly marked:

LOTS of cutting here. Then I started the assembly process, and realized everything was too big to fit three across. Yes, I realized this AFTER I'd done all. that. cutting.

You see, each circle layer would have either this (a colored T-shirt):

or a white T-shirt, or a white onesie. Unfortunately, it all didn't fit, so I had decisions to make. Now my head was spinning in circles on my neck, and I needed to make it stop. So I cut waaaaaay back, and tried this:

I should call this my "Less is More" model. GAH! How simple is it to just use the one image and call it DONE?! WHY do I make this so difficult?!

Here is the end product:

That charm is two baby feet, and the sentiment is from a Lawn Fawn set I actually had to open to use. (yay, me!)

I need to finish assembling these, bag and tag them, and maybe put one of each in my Etsy shop!

In other news, I installed My Digital Studio on my laptop today so I can play with it, and I just made my first digital card. I'm going to try to print it, then I'll post my report and my card next time.

Thanks for stopping by, and Happy New Year!


  1. I love the end product! The charm is such a nice touch :) Happy new year!

  2. Those turned out really super cute, Leslie. Love the charm & the banner. You put a lot of effort into making some beautiful baby cards. Absolutely LOVELY!!

  3. Really cute! Love seeing the process!


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