Thursday, January 6, 2011

Because I am Wounded

No pics. No new cards. I have sustained a minor crafty-related injury. Okay, not directly a crafty injury, but if I hadn't been crafting, it wouldn't have happened.

The other night, as I left The Captain's Quarters, I managed to slam the inside of my right wrist into the door jamb. Can you say, "OUCH!"? It smarted, but I forgot about it. Over the past two days, however, my wrist and hand have gotten worse, to the point where it hurts to do anything and my hand tingles like it will go numb. I cannot lift or hold or unscrew or tear or ... anything. I'm doing that whole hot-then-cold-then-hot application thing. Ow.

So today's post is going to send you to someone else's blog, because it was an amazing post, and I needed to share. And I'd say I've wondered about 98.3% of the items listed. The blog is geekgirl's random ramblings, and here is her post. Go read it and leave her some comment love.

Me? I'm going for some more cold. Ow.

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. I am sorry you are broken an injured and all that. Not to make this all about me or anything but uhm, so when I asked you yesterday if you could do my valentines day cards is this your way of telling me no? I went and checked out your bud, I love that post, have seen it around a lot. Very cute.

  2. Oh noes! I'm sorry about your wrist- I hope your hot/cold treatment works and you're back to crafting and photographing soon!

    Thanks for your referral to my "If You're Bored..." post- I have read it so many times but still giggle over some of those.

    Good luck with the JOY challenge this week... ugh!

  3. When are you getting thyself to the doctor?!?! :( It makes me sad that it's not getting better. Boo!!

    I tell ya what, I'll share MY injury story: I hurt my butt on the stationary bike at the gym last night. Do you feel better now? Do ya? Do ya?! ;)

    Wishing you a super speedy recovery, my dear.

    wv: fenest

    I hed the fenest wine ever.

  4. PS - Thanks for the link to geekgirl. I laughed. I laughed HARD! :D

  5. Why is that hand injuries hurt so bad. I must have hit mine on something because all of sudden it was so sore, I could hardly move it.

    Get better soon ... we miss your craftiness :)


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