Monday, January 31, 2011

It's You, Not Me

I did it. I have succumbed to the craziness and stoopidity in these parts that surrounds a forecast of the potential of wet things falling from the sky. I usually scoff and run the other way, and never ever ever (EVER) go anywhere near a grocery store. Gotta stay out of the way of all those people stocking up on milk, bread and TP. What, they didn't shop over the weekend? And how is it they are ALWAYS out of those three things?! No one buys lunch meat? Or soda? Or ... anything else?

But after my 6-hour commute home last week, I've found a new respect for this area's inability to keep up with the plowing when the stuff falls mid-day. Also, this impending storm is being touted as the worst in like - forever! I think they've closed Oklahoma and Illinois already, in addition to several sections of I-70.

So on the way home I ... stopped at the grocery. I did. There was still parking, so I was encouraged. And since I don't drink milk or keep bread in the house (I only buy the good stuff at the bakery, and then I eat it ALL THE TIME), and I already have TP, so I got things like soup and lunch meat and crackers and cheese. Yep, I'm set.

As I was checking out, though, there were about eleventy billion people in line, fortunately behind me, so I just made it. Phew.

So when I got home I felt a little irreverence rising to the surface, and ... I'll admit it, a bit of shame. I am stronger than this, people! But unless kitty was going to share her kibble, I needed to get food anyway.

Irreverence - that's my game! I broke out a new stamp I got this weekend and made this:

Oh, yeah. I love this woman. She gets to say the snarkiest things! I also love that I'm making a serious dent in these papers. I have just a few remnants left, and once I tackle them, it will be history. I made three of these tonight, so I'm getting there. Did you notice I went above and beyond in my attempt to use as much of it as possible? Every part of this card is made from that DSP (Porcelain, if I recall) except the Vanilla for the stamped images and the card base. Did you also notice I haven't put away my corner rounder yet? I may be in a rut. I like it here, though, so it's okay by me.

I hope that wherever you are you are not socked in by this storm that's roaring its way across our fair land. Our predictions are for ice to fall from the sky starting at midnight, and we'll wake up to an ice rink. Then it's supposed to do it again tomorrow. I sure hope the weather peeps are wrong. Seriously.

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  1. I need this card, also, " It's not that I don't understand, it's that I don't care." If you could whip me up a batch of both of these in addition to the personalized mardi gras cards and valentines day cards that would be awesome. send the invoice to my staff ( dogs) warning they pay in dryer lint.

  2. I did the grocery store thing yesterday too and I couldn't believe how packed the store was @ 10am!!! This is usually a perk for being a WAHM, aren't these people supposed to be at work??? This happened last year before that record snow last February. I didn't think it would be a big deal today...tonight, yes, but not today. Anyway, what was funny to me yesterday is that they had lots of milk and bread, but no bananas and they were running out of wine bags :)

    Cute card!

    wv: catsperg

    slang for a cats perogative to do exactly as she pleases every day

  3. I think this may be the truest "snarky" sentiment yet! Love the sentiment, love the card...

    We're getting much the same weather-wise up here in New York - fun, huh? I stocked up on Sunday, though (first grocery trip in two weeks, seriously!, and I made my car guy give me back my car last night instead of waiting until this morning, so I'm staying PUT!

    Stay warm - and safe - and thanks for the giggle this morning...

  4. What a great card !! Love it!! Hope you didn't get storm too bad. We are suppose to get it later tonight and I am just outside of Niagara Falls in Ontario. It has just started to snow here abit ago. Thanks for the giggle this morning. What a great way to start the day. Hugs n' Stuff, Lynne

  5. Love it! But you know how fond I am of "snarky"! :)
    I hope you're not too socked in today (or for the next couple). I, however, would love to be socked in for a couple I don't have to sit here and answer stoopid questions from stoopid people! ;)

  6. Love it...where can I get those snarky stamps and the woman stamp?


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