Saturday, January 15, 2011

Jingle Belles Rock - Week 3

Here it is, Week 3 of the Jingle Belles Rock Challenge, and I'm still playing! Whoot! This week's challenge was to use acrylic paint. ACK!

Okay, I actually have acrylic paints - they were purchased while under the influence of Claudine Hellmuth and her wonderful class I took at Angela's. Hoarding I can do. Using - not so much.

So after I got done whining to Lauren about the challenge, I went into The Captain's Quarters and grabbed two colors - one green and one tan - and made this mess:

I decided the green was very, very bright, and then I had A Moment. I remembered you can mix the colors to get new colors, so I mixed them together to create a more muted green. (Sorry, no pic - forgot.)

Here is the finished card:

The bright green is on either end and the tan is in the middle. The two strips between them are painted with the muted color I achieved by mixing the two together. Not bad, not bad.

I should probably tell you it took me 2 hours to get the rest of this to come together. There is a totally different piece of DSP under that Basic Grey piece. I decided I intensely disliked it, but ATG adhesive is so good, it wasn't coming off, so it's layered. The ribbon (SU Crumb Cake seam binding - LOVE!) hides the unfortunate measuring boo-boo I did with the BG strip.

Those snowflakes are cut from a piece of glitter paper I picked up at Mike's, and are cut with some MFT Die-Namics I got from Libby. I need to tell you that several snowflakes were sacrificed for this card. I couldn't for the life of me pop them out without tearing an arm, so yeah, several died along the way. So sad. These are the two that survived the massacre.

My last stumbling block was what color to use for a sentiment. I ended up using Soft Suede.

So that's it! I'm 3 for 3! Yay, me.

If you haven't already joined the fun, come play!

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Damn. You are good. I'm stumped. Every idea I have had is so far a no go.

  2. Brava! Great save on the paint colors, DP, and snowflakes! Ribbon can hide all ills! Crumb, I have to sit this one out - No paints-nada!

  3. Mixing paint ... killing snowflakes ... I never know quite what I'm going to find when I visit here, but the one thing I do know is there will be laughter ... you know the kind of laughter that makes you snort a bit out your nose ... love the wonderful texture of the paint ... thanks so much for joining our Jingle Belle fun.

  4. HA!!!!!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHA!!!

    that is both laughter and triumph up there--cause for one thing, I GOTCHA and also ♥♥♥WOW THIS IS FABULOUS♥♥♥!!!

    i love *everything* about your card, missus! i love the panels; i love those fabulous colors (& espec. that you mixed them to make the muted green which ROCKS!); i ADORE the snowflakes; seambinding is a staple at pixie dust, so i'm now an enormous fan of that... WOW, seriously, you have ♥♥♥NAILED THIS, BABY♥♥♥!!!

    (so much so i'm not even gonna say, "i told ya so"!!!)

    (even though technically...i could... but i'm bein' GRACIOUS!!!) :) (...sorta... lol) :) :) :)

  5. Thanks for the comment on my blog. yeah acrylic resist works similar to embossing resist. but instead of using versamark and embossing powder use acrylic paints, works best if the acrylic paint is dabbed on with a sponge. There is a tutorial on it at Splitcoast stampers. Great card by the way love the way you combined the two colors for the other panels.

  6. Such a funny story, and such a wonderful card in the end. Had you *not* allowed us to laugh with your mistakes, we'd never known they were there! ((SMILES)) Great card!

  7. Oh I love how you did the background great card!!

  8. :) I love visiting your place!!!! Your sense of humor cracks me up!!! Love your take on this weeks paint challenge...I was stumped but managed to create something:)

  9. How did I *NOT* comment here?!?! What's wrong with me?!?!

    I ♥LOVE♥ THIS CARD!!!!!!

    I love the awesome color panels and that you worked so well with something you are not familiar with. The colors are wonderful and you pulled it all together so beautifully!!

    Bravo, Leslie.... BRAVO!!!

    wv: pizase
    This card has pizase! ;)

  10. Great blog post! I too was at first stumped by the idea of using acrylic paint on a card...but you did so in such a great artistic way! Your card is very classy looking (and sometimes art requires sacrifice, RIP little torn snowflakes).

  11. You worked that paint beautifully! You would think you did this kind of thing daily! Beautiful card. I'm glad some of the snowflakes made it to your card. LOL.

  12. Hey, great idea to mix those colors together. Your painted panels make a wonderful background. And your post - what a giggle!

  13. This is awesome! I love the strips and using tan and green colors for a holiday card. I'm so glad you did the acrylic challenge on jb. So cool!

  14. Wow, that looks like lots of effort and lots of fun too!


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