Sunday, January 16, 2011

Rainbow Bridge

Most people have heard of the Rainbow Bridge. It's a wonderful poem for people who've lost a pet. One of the requests I get at my markets is for sympathy cards for someone who's lost a pet, so naturally I thought of the Rainbow Bridge idea.

I think these Lawn Fawn stamps (tree, dog, cat, ball) from the Critters in the 'Burbs set are perfect for this card:

One thing I haven't learned, though, is how not to futz. True, I made 6 of these - 3 dog and 3 cat, but geez ... the cutting! WHAT was I thinking?!

Some of the layering is because I was lazy and also a doofus. My arm is still sore, so the thought of sponging clouds on 6 cards made me think of alternatives. Of course, this was easy - I went to my HA clouds background stamp. But this is a vertical card and the stamp is horizontal, so I ended up with a big white space at the bottom of the panel that needed to be covered. Green. I made it green. The grass is from a MFT Die-namincs die, and I used both parts of it on each card. The front one is popped up on a long row of Dimensional edging.

I love all that dimension!

Here is the cat version:

... and up close:

Yeah, yeah, still with the baker's twine. Did I tell you I bought it in every color? Yep? You'll be seeing a LOT of it this year! :)

In other news, today I get to do my Maryland Sales Taxes for Jul-Dec 2010. Don't you wish you were me? Didn't think so. I've also re-organized my Google Reader and found a few more challenge blogs along the way. You'll be seeing those later this week. Maybe even today, if that Creative Avoidance thing doesn't quit popping up.

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  1. I wonder if all my kittys are getting along waiting there at the Rainbow Bridge? Fatso always liked being the Only Cat. Miss Riley would go out to find something to eat, and 3285 would just stare straight ahead and say "huh?".

    WV "repin" - Re-pin the Baker's Twine!

  2. I clicked on your blog through someone else's?
    My SIL had to put her cat down Friday, and is honestly having a harder time with that than the MIL they burried Monday!
    Sent her the link for this.
    BTW, I'm following, I love snark!


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