Friday, January 28, 2011

Jingle Belles Rock - Week 5

I have been suffering from stampy withdrawal this week, and I just had a quick fix. I guess you'd call it a stampy quickie. :)

Anywho, it's time for another edition of Jingle Belles Rock, and we are in week 5 already! Wow! This week was a sketch, and I made this card first:

The paper is from SU's Deck the Halls DSP pack of which I have a bazillion pieces, having bought 3 packs in a Good Demo moment, then forgetting I'd already been good, I bought 3 more. :/ This particular piece is more for scrapbooking since it has a border and printed designs, but for this card I used part of the "open" area of the paper.

The flower element is made from 4 images of the flower from Vintage Vogue stamped with Cherry Cobbler on Very Vanilla and cut out. (I'm only doing one of these. Trust me.) I curled the petals with my finger nail and stacked them on a Build-a-Brad, the center of which is punched from the back of the same piece of paper. Given that I have issues with white space, I wanted something at the top, and since The Belles said we could embellish, I added a ribbon (yummy Crumb Cake Seam Binding) and sentiment (from Bells & Boughs).

I had another chunk of that piece of paper, though, and it screamed to be used. So I flipped the sketch and made this one:

TOTALLY cheating. TOTALLY. This was printed on the paper, and I decided it met the sketch element. I embellished the top of this one the same way as the first one.

And sorry about the bad pics (worse than usual). My photo studio is a shambles at the moment, having 1 1/2 houses of furniture and boxes in here, and the lights are behind a lot of it and inaccessible. Please take pity on me.

That's it! Thanks for stopping by!


  1. If it's paper, it's not cheating honey child!

    Absolutely gorgeous - and I'm so admiring your organization!

  2. You rocked the sketch! Simply elegant!

  3. if by "cheating" you mean, "totally brilliantly and cleverly using product that's perfect for the task to save unnecessary work" then, uh huh; you cheated. i must say, however, imo: cheating is totally under-rated!!! :) :) :)

    i love BOTH of these...the brad & flower combo in #1 are undeniably awesome. and yet...the paper in #2 IS DOING THE JOB! like... eeeeeerily well! i think the thing i love best is that there ARE ♥two♥ of them...and they are the same and yet different. very zen, missus!!! ♥♥♥

  4. If using printed paper is cheating I have been a cheater since 1992.
    I love both cards.
    But how on earth did you do it with only a 2 Ft square space in which to work?

  5. Very nice, both of them! The flower is gorgeous and I can see why this is a one of a kind; that's a lot of fussy cutting!

    When I first discovered patterned paper for card making, it felt like cheating, but also an easier way to make a great just proved my point...twice :)

  6. I agree with Lauren ... I see no cheating here ... just FAB-ulous designing ... love how you featured paper that you wouldn't normally consider for card-making ... that big bold flower (as well as the very cool one you made with your layers) are both so very wonderful ... thanks for joining our jingle belle journey.

  7. Both cards are VERY beautimous!! I love them. I have that same paper (shocker!) and had planned to do a bit of that so-called "cheating" for Christmas cards LAST year, but never got around to it. They're still in a UFO pile somewhere. :/

    Love that you made these cards your own. Really pretty and super chic! :) AWESOME!! ♥

    WV: culated
    I cuslated at my sewing machine when it went haywire on me earlier this evening. ;)

  8. cheating?! Absolutely NOT! You are being craftily creative! Love both of your cards...that Stampin' Up DSP is pretty! When I first saw your 2nd card I totally thought that you had stamped /colored that image...gorgeous work! I'm so happy that you played along!

  9. It's not cheating at all it's called using your initiative and making the most of those gorgeous papers! Really pretty cards.

  10. Once again, gorgeous cards!

  11. Wonderful way to use that paper. It sure does work well with this challenge.

  12. These are lovely cards, I think the pieced flower is wonderful - I love the rich red of Cherry Cobbler and it is perfect for this!

    (Not cheating, just flipping the sketch, I did it too - join me in crafty detention)

  13. I love your cards. That's a brilliant use of the designer papers. Not cheating. It's using your noggin.

  14. Love both the cards! then again... I always love your work!


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