Wednesday, January 5, 2011

A Hybrid Card

Yes, hybrid. You read that correctly. I've purchased and used individual digital images in the past, and I don't consider that "hybrid". Nope. That's printing an image instead of stamping it. I still die-cut it, color it, layer it, etc. with real crafty tools. To be truly hybrid, I believe part of your card needs to be printed and applied to the paper card untouched. That's my take on it, anyway.

So a month or so back, SU had a special on My Digital Studio, and in a Good Demo moment I caved and bought it. This past weekend, I actually installed it and played a little. My efforts resulted in this digital card:

Fun, huh? Yes, it is soooooooooo cheating on my stamps. I was riddled with guilt. Then I thought I'd try to print the card. 25 hours later ... sigh... no luck. For a computer professional, I was pretty inept. I begged the Demo of all Demos and the Queen of Tutorials - Ms Patty Bennett - for assistance, and she came through! She is awesome!

Unfortunately, now that I knew HOW to print, I got a clue and realized that I'd made a Kraft card base (I know, I know, it's Crumb Cake now, but MY package is still Kraft, so I'm going with it), and printing the whole card would use about $3545 worth of ink. Not such a great plan.

Plan B hit me Monday night. I saved the image as a jpg, then cropped only the center part of the square, copied it into a word document, and printed THAT on Whisper White card stock. SUCCESS! Whoo-hoo! I then layered that digital part on Marina Mist and Basic Black and put it on the card front. Ergo: Hybrid. Lookie:

(Oh, look, I put it on upside down. ;/) The cool thing about this is I don't have (read: cannot find) that stamp set - Best Wishes and More, and I don't have that patterned paper. But I do NOW! Let's get a closer look at the details:

Okay, maybe it's not as crisp-looking as the digital version, but I still really, really like it. Hey, you know what? I think the writing on that paper is upside down and backwards, like mirrored. Could be... could be. I blame my screen capture program - it has attitude. But who cares, really? The whole point of this card is you CAN use a digital element, in my case to fill a gap in the stash, and still make it a real paper card with layers and RIBBON and all that good stuff.

I am so pleased with this, I declare it project #4 of 4 for this weekend's Stamp Camps. I think The Ladies will enjoy making something "not Valentine's" and "not pink or red". In my world of serving suggestions, this is the palate cleanser.

That also means I have the rest of the week to play play play. :)

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  1. Okay, so I'll admit I was a lot worried at the beginning of your post, but you came through for me and actually made a real card with card stock and layers - whew I feel relieved! Oh, and I didn't cave and buy the MDS on special, but thought about it for all of 30 seconds. Now please don't let me regret my decision!

  2. As you know, unless I can make it in 10 minutes with macaroni, yarn, a paperplate and some random glitter it probably aint happening, so can a girl hire you to make a pretty card for those she loves on Vday?

  3. Ha! I can print like mad but I can't use stamps and scissors to save my life. :)
    Although, I'm happily cutting away with that dang Slice, so we'll see what happens with that...
    Happy Wednesday!

  4. I love the hybrid card, but your comments made me laugh myself silly!!!! This part in particular, "Oh, look, I put it on upside down. ;/" BWAHHAHHAHA!!! I love your blog so much. :)

    The original card was pretty, but a bit sterile, so I really love how you made it your own. Just gorgeous!!

    wv: cermet

    Cermet the Frog is my favorite muppet! :D


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