Saturday, January 29, 2011

Six Cards and a Bed

Last night, after I'd made my cards for this week's Jingle Belle's challenge (a fabby sketch!), I went back into the Captain's Quarters to see what else I could do. I usually start in my Heaplet or the UFO pile, and I spied a pretty piece of 12x12 paper in the "yet to put away" pile.

Doing the math, one can get 6 card fronts from 1 piece of 12x12 paper. I've long since given up on mass-production of the exact same thing - booooring. But with a nod to Lauren who did a great post on "modular mass production", I've decided I can make variations on a theme and keep from going stark-raving mad with the repetition.

Here is the first one to give you an idea:

I was very proud of this card for many reasons: (1) It uses pink. And not just any pink - Pixie Pink, which is GAH PINK! But it was the closest match to this really pretty paper from Kaisercrafts; (2) I broke open a set of Labels 4 Nestie-friendly Waltzingmouse stamps and introduced one to ink; (3) I used a sentiment from my PTI Daily Design Sentiments set; And (4) I snuck in some ribbon! :)

I also learned something about the Nestie-friendly stamps: they fit inside the dies, of course, but they leave a big enough border that it is very easy for someone to stamp multiple images and get them too close together to actually die cut them all. (ask me how I know)

Since I needed to save myself and stamp some more images to die cut, I went ahead an opened another set of Waltzingmouse Nestie-friendly stamps (Labels 1 this time), one of which I used here:

You can see each card is a little different because this paper is so fun. I placed the die cuts differently on each card to show off as much of the paper as I could. Here are the other 4 cards:

I like! Maybe because of all that green. Yeah, that's probably it.

In other news, I put my Captain's bed together today. Lookie:

The best part about this bed are the following features:

There are 6 drawers on each side - you can see 3 of them there on the right. The top 3 are covered by the quilt, but they may not be once I get a full-size mattress on there. Right now it's just a twin air mattress. Also, see that door at the foot of the bed? It opens to a huge space between the drawer units and runs the whole length of the bed. I live for storage. I have no idea why I've waited so long to get one of these beds.

Next up: I need to go through all my overflow and see what can go into the drawers. Then I'll get crafty some more. I have a stack of sketch challenges I've been saving and a Heaplet that needs to die.

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  1. That's a pretty nice bed! Can't wait to see it in person. ;)

  2. good bed for someone in a teeny tiny space
    Hey you can put Einstien? or is it Einstein? in that long center storage area so he doesn't freak me out every time I visit

  3. Ooooh and ahhhhhhh....I noticed those drawers on the captain's bad before the photo where you pointed them out. PERFECT for you; I hope you sleep well. It looks comfy :)

    Great pseudo mass-produced cards...and you don't have to put that sheet away now!

  4. You have a great stack of pretty birthday cards now! Love that paper you used and oh yes, Pixie Pink, whatever were they thinking when they made that color!?!
    Wonderful bed! Have fun filling those drawers!


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