Tuesday, January 4, 2011

End of My Rope

Saturday I picked up a few new irreverent sentiments at Angela's. Here's one of them:

When I saw it I immediately thought of this image to pair it with (with which to pair it):

So the other night I grabbed a few remnants from the right side of The Captain's Table, and started to work. Part-way through, I realized this sentiment wasn't going to fit on the cards as I had them laid out. Lookie:

That one on the right? Maybe. The one on the left? No way. What to do, what to do. I remembered seeing someone take a sentiment and put the words on their card individually, so I hacked up one of the stamped sayings and tried this:

I liked it! I think the separate words actually emphasize her frustration. :) Here are the finished cards:

Please note those handsome copper faux pearls. I got them Saturday and I actually used them and then put them away. I KNOW!

Here is the second card:

For this one, I decided to just distress the heck out of the edges of the sentiment. It fit, both the card and the mood.

The sentiment actually has no company name stamped on it, though I think it may be River City Rubber Works. Can't say for sure.

Two more cards for the old irreverent inventory. Yay, me! I'm going back in for more tonight.

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  1. Every woman over 50 should have that card hanging on the wall somewhere...

  2. who do you send that to? besides your husband LOL

  3. HA!!! Love that sentiment! I agree that the cut up words work really well with the card!
    I will keep this line in my head during the next couple of weeks as we move house..it may come in perfect at any given moment! LOL

  4. I like card #1 best. I love how the words look like a mad bomber's note! ;)

  5. The queen of irreverent stamps strikes again!! HAHHAHHAHAH!! HILARIOUS!! :D I love her hand on her forehead..."oh...woe is me!!" Too funny. I feel like this every day, y'know. ;) I think I LOOK like this, too. :D Awesome card, Leslie.

    wv: labylert

    Labylert - A label alert. Labylert. Newest thing from the FDA! ;)


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