Friday, January 7, 2011

Jingle Belles Rock - Week 2

Here we are already with Week 2 of the Jingle Belles Rock challenge to make a Christmas card per week. Now, if you would be so kind as to drop what you're doing and go pick Lauren up off the floor, I'd appreciate it. I'll wait ... ... ... ...

Okay, this week we were supposed to use Inchies on our card. Inchies-schminchies. I don't have no stinkin' Inchies. But wait ... as the wheels turned .. an Inchie is nothing more than a fancy name for a 1" square piece of something, right? Well guess what *I* have! You've got it: a 1" square punch! I was home freeeeee! With that baby I can make ANYTHING into an "inchie", so I did. Lookie:

Now I have to tell you, I am SO very proud of this card, and for many reasons I am about to list for you:

1. The blue paper is from the floor at my feet at The Captain's Table. It used to stand up next to the table, but it fell over. I used part of it.
2. All the Garden Green pieces are from the remnant box.
3. I used the Glad Tidings set which I think I used once the year I got it and never again, until now.
4. I found my Garden Green reinker and I am wearing some of it.
5. The poinsettia is from a package of HA Poinsettia parts I got in November that I never used, until now.
6. The handsome teeny tiny bow was made from a scrap of ribbon on my table.
7. FYI: When you adhere the green to the white card base crooked(ly), then unceremoniously rip it off and try it again on a new base, the ATG doesn't stick so well to the torn backing.

Because I cut two pieces of the DSP from the partial piece I had, I also made this one:

It's the same except the flower is from a pack I opened but didn't finish last month. It's still not all gone, but it is one less to put away.

Please pay special attention to the red circle under that blingy flower. It is a ... 1" circle! Are Inchies only square? Do I get extra credit for combining 1" squares with a 1" circle? Well, DO I?!?!?!

Okay. That's all I have.Wha? Punchy? You think I'm punchy? Well, let's see... I woke up at 4 am and by 5 am, when I was still not back to sleep, I got up and chatted with my Tweeps, and drank a mug of coffee. Then I was running late for work, drank mug #2 on the way in, then I got another mug when I got there. And I'm on a masso anti-inflammatory medication that may or may not be speed. Not sure. Yes, I think it may be speed. Did I tell you I typed this whole thing WITHOUT A MISTAKE in 12.3 seconds. Mmm-hmmm. I rest my case.

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. ah..Speedy.... I see a typo.

    Nice card by the way.

  2. Nice card - love that you added the circle! I also think it is great that you were able to make your card utilizing leftovers. I used all stuff from my scrap bin too - even the silver for the card base.

  3. You make me smile ... love your narrative ... love your stinkin' cute cards even more ... and for me, it's not a good card unless I'm wearing some ink somewhere ... and a bit woot woot to you for using your neglected goodies. Thanks so much for joining our fun at Jingle Belles.

  4. Nothing like using up those scraps! That "Let in snow" sentiment is perfect for you inchies - great card.

    Also great post - very entertaining :)

  5. Your cards make me SQUEEEEEEEEE!!! And you know how much I hate doing that. ;) Love your teeny tiny "Let it Snow" & "Joy" And I adooooore how much you use your remnants. Heck, I should SEND YOU MINE!! YES!! So they get used!! (HA!! Evil plan hatching!!)

    I love your beautiful, white flowers. They make me smile. Just like you do. :)

    Awesome cards. As always!

  6. Love both your cards!!! I think scraps make some of the best cards.

  7. ...hello...?!? is this still leslie's blog? why am i on the floor next to my computer? ...and who are all these TWEEPLE standin' over me w/iphones & smellin' salts...??!?!

    (please note the use of italic type above to enhance mood; i'm tryin' to snag the "WEBBIE" for "best blog-comment-portrayal of a person who's just fainted whilst blurfing!")

    ok, MANY kudos to you missus for (in no particular order):

    1. making me LITERALLY laugh out loud in paragraph one (& making me ALMOST literally fall on the floor in shock, for that matter!!!)

    2. impressing the heck outta me via points 1-7 (inclusive)

    3. realizing that inchies ARE JUST 1" bits of ART!

    4. makin' a ROUND INCHIE!!!!!!!!!! (my total FAVORITES...i dunno if they're "officially" inchies...but they totally SHOULD BE b/c they are AWESOME!!!!!!!!)


    remember the other day when i said last week was "THE BEST WEEK EVER"??! turns out i spoke too soon!!!!! :)


  8. Your cards are gorgeous! I never thought of using a 1" circle, good idea! Your post is hilarious. typed with no mistakes in 12.3 seconds....dang! lol

  9. Hey, speed-freak bloggy friend! Great cards and great improvising and great post! I'm taking a cue from you and attempting (huge, huge effort) to use up some of the hoarded scraps, bits and bobs, and UFOs I have lying about... I'll alert you how it's going later in the year, but thanks for the ongoing inspiration!

  10. That's a beautiful card, you did an awesome job with "Jingle belles" week 2!

  11. Kudos to you for rockin' the inchies...square OR round! Good luck on the challenge, though you won't need luck :)

  12. I think we should give a new name to circle inchies and call them cinchies - whaddya think! These are great cards and look at you with two. Your post really made me smile.

  13. I love your card and how you used the circle! So awesome tfs!

  14. How on earth do you come up with this stuff? Or find the time. I envy you, and your craftiness

  15. Fab card! Love that you used an inchie circle too! Congrats to you for using up stash, I should have done that instead of getting new Christmas goodies

  16. Your card is adorable!!! Hmm... maybe I'll do one a week, couldn't hurt, right? Great job!

  17. I think three coffees is maybe a bit too much. :)


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