Saturday, January 15, 2011

Lazy Saturday

Welcome to what just may be my lamest post ever. But it WILL give you a glimpse into my weird life.

Let me start by saying a blogger who also tweets and stamps and has a camera is a dangerous combination. I take pics of everything. Some make it to Twitter, some make it to the blog, and some are just "OMG I MUST RECORD THIS FOR POSTERITY" moments.

Today I finally transferred my pics from the phone to the laptop, and I decided it was such an eclectic collection of photos even though most of them are blurry, that it was blog-worthy. And darn your luck you are reading my blog right now.

Think of this as yet another example of why you don't want to be me, because if this were your life's high points, well ...

Let's get started.

1. Last summer a farmers market customer of mine suggested I make cards with a wine theme, being as we are all aging, and old people drink a lot of wine. Okay, maybe I paraphrased a bit, but she did suggest wine-themed cards. So on one of my recent trips to my LSS, I got this:

Niiiice, huh? :)

2. Sometime back in December, I had to go to the grocery store during the time when sensible people don't go to the grocery store. Like the day before Christmas. Imagine my JOY when I realized how smart my local store peeps are, because instead of being inundated with "where can I find ..." questions from frantic last-minute shoppers, they placed these at the end of every aisle:

3. My commute suks. But the good thing about being stopped in traffic is you get to see things like this vanity plate:

4. Squirrels. This tree outside my front door used to house squirrel nests. No more! See those handsome red arrows? Those branches are gone. Squirrels are pissed.

5. The cat is comatose:

6. It got cold, and look what I pulled out of my back seat:

7. Field trip for work, and while on the Metro, I noticed one of my co-workers was wearing red cowboy (cowgirl?) boots:

8. Sunset. Sunset is a great time for color shows in the sky. I saw this one night recently on my way home from work and tried to get it on pixels. The first one is REALLY blurry (I was driving, people!), but the others were taken at a stop light.

I smell a card with trees. I do.

9. We had a water main break across the street from my office building. Oops (not my car):

Here's the water looking across to my office building:

What a mess.

10. Onions. Some time before Christmas - maybe even THE DAY before, I saw this pick-em-up truck FILLED with onions:

That's a lot of onions.

11. On a recent trip to my LSS, I took a side trip to get some lunch and saw this mug at Sbux:

The pic was taken for one of my Tweeps who lives in Germany and collects Sbux mugs. This is now in her possession.

12. Merging - a foreign concept in these parts. Check out that opening:

All of those cars were behind me, but they zoomed ahead and past the opening to get to the front of the line. Heaven forbid they merge before their lane ended. WHO DOES THAT?! No wonder we all have to stop to let them in, thus stopping traffic even more. Idjits.

13. Here's another one. See that ashhat in the "no drive" section:

He is crossing 2 solid white lines AND a no-drive safety zone to merge into a merge lane. I could not make up this stuff. This is why I am stabby a lot - an hour of this nonsense twice a day.

14. Another vanity plate:

This one has a plate frame that says 100 mile something. Yes, people do 100-mile races on foot. Runners. They go out for "quick" 15-mile runs before breakfast. They have T-shirts that say, "Oh, you ran a marathon, how cute." These are serious people! This particular driver, however, decided that being on the phone wasn't enough, so she also cut across 2 lanes of traffic to drive on the shoulder for a while. I'm telling you, I cannot make up this stuff.

15. Take-in Thai. Spicy beef. YUMMY! Caution: don't eat these:

16. One happy kitty:

17. A stamp for all stampers:

18. The house across from my December craft show. I covet this house:

19. My idea of heaven:

19.1. ... and a fun title I found while I was there visiting:

20. Al wearing my new Crafting Cap:

All done. Now that my phone is empty, I have some crafting to do.

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. A wonderful blog. Now I feel I know a lot more about you, and the cap looks really very cool on Al!
    Oh, and I can see why you covet that house! Can't wait to meet you in summer. :)

  2. I'm glad that, on the other side of the world, someone has to deal with the same types of drivers as I do :P Mobile photos really seem to capture our lives don't they!!

  3. Have you seen the new red mittens? Each glove has half a maple leaf so that when you put your hands together you have one leaf. But really...who ever puts their hands together like that?

    I covet both the house and the glitter stamp.

  4. you're right...I would NOT want to trade my life for yours....but I am jealous that you have time to take pics of the day to day stuff.
    Taking photos is the hardest part of blogging.
    I am also jealous because I could never be as funny as you...even if I took lessons or something.
    I love the car in the sink hole...poor guy.

  5. Ditto to what Marianne said. Everything. Well, except the time thing. I have time, just nowhere to go. :/

    You are by FAR one of/or the MOST cleverest women I know (poor grammar, I know. Deal with it!) xoxo

    wv: ables

    I am so happy that you were ables to break out your paint for your Jingle Belles Card! :)

  6. is it ok that sometimes you scare me. but what scares me more, we have the same rug, but not the same cat. So that's good or I would think we were I and then it would just be more therapy. Also the glitter on your face stamp, LOVE, I need that but with vodka.

  7. haha! great's so fun to see these. that bungalow is great! that hole in the road is scary!

  8. Yay for red mittens to keep your fingers warm!!!

  9. I LOL'ed at this post...a peek into the life of a Capt'n! I love how you grumble about the other drivers..all the while you are TAKING PHOTOS WHILE DRIVING!!!!!!! Hahahaha...can't wait to meet you IRL!!


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