Friday, January 7, 2011

Flashback Friday 6.0

I saw this Flashback Friday thing over on Mary Dawn's blog, and thought I'd play, since I'm still wounded*.

So welcome to:

ETA2: Dang! I didn't read the rules! This was supposed to be a card using an unexpected find around my home. Well, I don't have unexpected finds. In fact, I cannot FIND anything! I might be able to stre-e-e-tch the rules a bit and say I "found" a pile of the punch-outs on my workspace (which is truth) and figured out a way to use them ALL ON ONE CARD! If that doesn't fly with the crafty authorities, then feel free to disqualify me. :(

I went back in the old archives to my second post, and this is not the first card, but it's the second card in my post (Apr 25, 2007). I called it "over the edge" for a reason:

It's the rubbah molecule! See? I was destined to take a different path with this stamping gig. Yes, I know the image is tiny, even tinier than the blinkie, but it is no longer stored on this computer, and I didn't feel like finding it, so I just saved the tiny image and re-posted it. But you get the idea, right? Try clicking on it to embiggen it. (ETA: That doesn't work. You'll have to go back to my original post to see it bigger, plus you can read the history of how the card came to be.)

Wanna play? Amy is giving away some cool stuff this week! Go check it out and show us your old stuff!

Thanks for stopping by!

*Wounded. I took myself to the local after-hours clinic last night and my wrist is not broken. He wouldn't even x-ray it... said it would be a waste of time. If it was broken, I wouldn't have the mobility I do. I have basically given myself carpal tunnel. Who knew I was that good? I get to wear a metal splint for a few weeks to let it rest and I also have some major anti-inflammatory medication. I do NOT plan to stop crafting. If I can drive a manual transmission, I think I can handle a rubber stamp. I'll give it a shot tonight.


  1. well, I love your card...kudos for you for working with such tiny pieces...holy moly...thanks so much for playing Flashback Friday 6.0 {even if Mary Dawn forced ya..haha}..

    sorry to hear about your wrist...take it easy!

  2. That is an unexpected find! :)

    Thanks for joining us on Flashback Friday 6.0! :)

    P/s: Hope your wrist heals soon! Take care!


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