Sunday, October 16, 2011

Buttons and Colors

The latest Embellish Magazine challenge caught my eye:

so I decided to play. I've seen several "door" cards lately - you know, those 6-panel doors, some of which only have four panels, but, well, it's ART - and I wanted to try one, so I combined that effort with this color challenge. :)

Here's my card:

I broke out my Taylored Expressions Autumn Wreath set and the coordinating wreath die, then colored the wreath in three of the four challenge colors. The ribbon is the fourth color.

Oh: buttons. I just knew I had a cache of small buttons somewhere, and I wanted brown. Dark brown. What I found were about 25 bags of tinier bags of small buttons from my last organization effort, stuck in my Miscellaneous Embellishment box on a shelf in my craft room closet. No wonder I never use them! If you can't see them, you forget you have them, am I right?!?! So I took some time to empty every one of those tiny bags into this:

but I held out four brown buttons for the door knobs. This bottle is now on my shelf with all my other buttons, so maybe you'll see more of them now, too. :)

Moving on. I said I held out four buttons, and that's because I made four of these cards. Yeah, I just don't know when to quit. I was pretty happy with that first card, but I wanted to try distressing the edges of the panels. This is what came out:

Yes, I need practice. This was with Ranger Antique Linen. It looks dirty to me. So then I tried Tea Dye:

Even dirtier. Looks kinda like Boo Radley's* house, eh? Please notice that both of the distressed cards have an additional button tied onto the wreath. I'm always going for those elusive bonus points. ;)

If you're counting, that's only three. I made two of the Antique Linen one, so that's where the fourth one is.

And now I have other ideas swimming in my brain that need to come out onto paper, and darn it if I don't need to go back to work tomorrow. Sigh. I'll see what I can make happen this evening, after the laundry.

Thanks for stopping by!

* How many kids won't even know who Boo Radley is now that "To Kill A Mockingbird" is on so many banned book lists? Sad.

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