Sunday, October 2, 2011

Hope You Can Cling To - You're My Inspiration

Today's Hope You Can Cling To challenge on Splitcoast is to take inspiration from the pics posted (bikini top cakes) and make a card. The only requirement is that it has to have (gah!) pink in it. Yes, I may throw up before this month is out, and it's only the 2nd! Sigh.

I immediately thought of my "You know you're getting old when ..." stamps from GinaK, and just needed a "bra" to go with the sentiments. I've made one from scallop punches before, but this time I wanted to use pink felt. Lookie what I did:

This was HARD, people. One of the challenges with this craft is knowing what adhesive to use with different materials. I chose red sticky tape, which may or may not have been my best choice. I put it on the felt; ran the lace around the edge, clipping the curves as I went; put more tape on and folded the circle in half. Done. I did that twice. Done done. I used more red tape to hold the thing to the paper. About 5 pounds of tape - sure hope it stays stuck.

The pink satin ribbon is from my stash. The brad is SU (also stash ... like I'll use pink brads ...). The paper is Basic Grey euphoria (still out). Sentiments by GinaK.

That's it! I've only missed one HYCCT challenge so far - a round card, but it's the weekend, and by starting on a weekend, I think they've instilled false hope in us that we can keep up. There will be one challenge per day for the rest of the month. I should fall behind by tomorrow.

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  1. ACK!!! How cute is this!!??! So you don't like pink OR purple?? How are we even friends? ;-)

  2. Hi Leslie!

    This is a TOTALLY cute card and it gave me a giggle! lol

    I just saw you left a lovely comment over at my blog. Just wanted to stop by and say CASE AWAY - I don't mind in the least! lol



  3. This is so clever ..and funny!

  4. How clever is this!?!?! And, I gotta admit it -- I'm not a huge fan of pink either!!! Comes from sharing a bedroom with my little sis --- she was an utter pink fiend! And RUFFLES, too!!!! We had this ruffly pink bedspreads -- horrors!!! Ugh!!! ha ha ha!

    Finally getting over the shock of it all after all these years. Still, the only pink thing I own is ONE pink shirt (and it's such a pale pink it's almost white, ha!!!) :)

  5. oof i hear ya re "adhesive" challenges! one of the best things about a sewing machine is that it really is THE BEST way to attach fabric to fabric! (go figure, right?) failing that, i'd've gone with good old elmers... which is only useful 1% of the time in "papercrafting" but felt is firmly in that 1%! i think you did realllllllly well with that red tape tho... that stuff is kind of indestructible.

    and now i realize that what i SHOULD HAVE said first is ♥THIS IS AN AMAZINGLY CREATIVE AND GORGEOUS DESIGN!!!!!!!!!♥ b/c it ***IS*** and i LOVE IT but i got distracted by the "sticky issue" of glue. sigh. this sooooooooo rocks!!!!!!!

  6. This made me guffaw out loud. That is the perfect sentiment & sadly too true. ROFL. What a great design with the ribbon & felt & lacy bits. Clever! Thanks for the chuckle & the inspiration.


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