Thursday, October 27, 2011

Hambo Hoedown - Newscaster

This week's Hambo Hoedown challenge is to use this image (free if you played last week AND remembered to email them your card):

A handsome newscaster! We were to use him with one of the sentiments and ... newspaper. Well guess what? Yesterday was recycle day and I put everything out and it's GONE! We got the weekly newspaper on our front steps today, but it is still raining, and it's a mess. Soaked. Unusable. Outside in the recycle bin. Lost to me.

I don't even have any junk mail in the form of news paper! NOTHING! ACK! But you know what I do have? I have some SU DSP called "Newsprint", so I called it "close enough" and went with it. Here's my card:

ALL REMNANTS thankyouverymuch. I used TWO of the sentiments instead of one, so maybe that will make up for my non-real-newspaper. I also gave him a wood-grain(ed) desk, mostly to make up for the fact that I colored his jacket to look like a 1970s leisure suit (poor guy). AND I hand-drew the speech bubbles (like you couldn't tell.)

Sigh. Yeah, I guess I'm disqualified. But hey, I tried, and I'm gonna post it over at the Hambo Hoedown anyway. You just never know - they might take pity on me. :(

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. I will start a petition on your behalf if they disqualify you. The DP is newsprint-worthy. I think it even looks better than it would with real newspaper. Very cure card, leisure suit and all. *smile*

  2. Breaking news... you ROCK! This card is SO cool. The newspaper patterned paper looks real. Your speech bubbles look perfect. And hand-drawn hand-cut things are my fave.

  3. If I hadn't read your post, I wouldn't have even known that you didn't use actual newspaper! That looks so real, and I love that you used it as a border as an accent, not the main focal point. You definitely aren't disqualified...and to make you feel better, I stamped my "newspaper" on mine ;) I love your thought bubbles, too. Thanks so much for joining us at the Hoedown this week!


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