Thursday, October 13, 2011

From the UFO Pile

Like a Phoenix from the ashes, I went into my now-reduced UFO pile of partially-made cards and finished a few of them. Truth be told, I have a lot of full cards in there, just not assembled. Distractions abound in my world. Let's have a look, shall we?

First up:

Sorry about that glare. I promise I will find the lights I need, maybe even today. Do you know how difficult it is to find light bulbs that are not Soft White?!?!? These were taken with my Ott lights (daylight), but are obviously not well-suited for the task. Sigh.

ANYway, the black things are flocked damask flowers from Stampendous. I had a package of them I kept moving from one place to another and tonight I USED them. They just peel right off and I stuck them to a pink (WHAT?!?! *feels forehead*) Bazzill card base. I have a box of Bazzill cards and envelopes, and it's time I started using them. There were four flowers in the pack, so I made two cards.

The ribbon is 1/8" taffeta from SU, and the sentiment is from PTI.

Next up:

I found three pieces of this paper from Berry Blossoms with the Calypso Coral layers all ready to go. I used some retired Apple Green grosgrain ribbon and added some little tags punched using the Jewelry Tag punch with some sentiments from Tiny Tags (different sentiment on each of the three cards). This is another example of when you let the pretty paper do all the work. :)


A piece of paper from the Sweet Pea pack from a year or two ago. I almost left this un-adorned, but I decided to use up some of my Sweet Pea felt. I used the pink flower felt on top of the pink printed flower; I added a felt green leaf to the left of the printed one; and I added felt centers to the orange and blue+green flowers.

I used some different glue (that I'm kinda liking, except for its applicator) to attach the felt pieces, and a blob of it landed on the stem of the taller flower. Grrrr. So, to make it look like I meant to do that, I went into my stash and found a pack of bee buttons, hacked off the hasp, and stuck it into the glue blob. Done! :) Plus, it pulls in the yellow of the bird's beak. :)

I opted for no sentiment, because, well, where would you put it? Even though this is a 5x7 card, no matter where I tried, it just didn't look right, so it went without.

Not bad for an evening's work, eh? It feels good to use up stuff, too. :)

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. The pink & black flocked damask are beautiful and striking; love them :)

    Your coral card is sweet with the little ribbon tags.

    I think I could duplicate your adorable Sweet pea card…I have that paper, the felt (virginal stash) and I even have that bee…too funny :)

  2. GAHHH I never even noticed that Calypso paper and it's SO cute!!! Love these!

  3. great cards! love that you are using up all your stuff...I have a bunch of those felt flowers too, might just have to figure out a project to put them on this week...


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