Friday, August 8, 2008


I love that today is 08-08-08. I was thinking about 07-07-07, then thinking ahead to 09-09-09. Are you aware that after we hit 12-12-12, this will not happen again for another hundred years? Scary, non?

So tonight I needed to stop at Mike's on the way home. No really, I needed to! You see, I was playing with the Scratch-N-Sniff technique this week, and used up almost all of my clear embossing powder in my attempt; then I realized I need clear EP for one of my projects this weekend. OF COURSE I do. Sheesh. So off I went to get some EP at Mike's. Naturally, I strayed. My first 'just look' episode was totally caused by the card posted in this post on Julie Ebersole's blog. She is so enabling, I tend to stay away, but I had a free moment, and ... there it was. Suddenly I needed to find those K&Co. thingies. And I did. And I bought them, and here they are on my table, in poor lighting:

Go ahead - click on the photo to see them larger - I dare you! Then I dare you to not start clipping coupons and stalking Mike's yourself!

Whenever I buy anything like this, I do the math. If I have a package of brads in my hand and they are 12 for $4, that's 33 cents each, which is a lot to add the the cost of a card. And no, I still have not implemented my 5-year-old plan of tiered pricing, so I just do not buy expensive embellishments. Hmmm .. this could explain The Stash ...lots and lots of cheap inexpensive embellishments that I could justify buying because they were not a lot of money, so I feel better about never using them...

So ANYway, those packs of 40 labels were $2.99 each, which makes them ... divide by ... carry the 1 .... 7 1/2 cents each. I CAN DO THIS!!! So I did, in spades, by getting all three packs they had.

Next I wandered and found these little lovelies:

They are wooden letters, and small enough to fit on an A2 card front without clogging the whole thing. I thought they would be fun to paint or cover with patterned paper and use, say, one wooden letter at a time; not necessarily a whole word. And these were ...6 cents each. Sold!

[This space intentionally left blank.]

And THEN, I wandered over to the 10/$10 Spot and found these:

Packs of 10 note cards for a buck. I thought they'd make really cool layers on black or white or red card stock. With coordinating embellishemnts from The Stash, of course!

Okay, after reading back over this post, I now see clearly how The Stash was formed and is continually fed. Wanna take any bets on if I ever actually USE any of this stuff? Oh, was that a challenge?!?! Yeah, we'll see.

One final note: My total damage for 'must haves' from the new SU catalog? At first I thought I was going to be sunk. Then I went over it again and again and again, and tonight I whittled down the list and I thought I was okay, but the total is still a very large number. Will I get it all with my first order? I'll let you know next week. :-)


  1. Yes! Those b&w cards (well the ones in the bottom left hand corner of your pic) are the ones I used for these cards:

    They are selling fast! Go make some! Your customers will snatch them up :)

  2. WTH? I didn't see anything like this at Michael's today to use with my coupon! Guh. I ended up buying a gazillion packages of Prima flowers. hehe


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