Sunday, August 24, 2008

Playing With PTI's Guide Lines Set

Last night I played with my PTI Guide Lines set, trying to see if I could stamp anything straight. I did the first time I used the set, but that could have been a fluke, ya know?

I've always liked light blue with black, so I used PTI's Aqua Mist with SU Basic Black. I started by stamping the grid image with Aqua Mist ink onto Aqua Mist card stock. I wanted the grid to be there, but not stand out. I was challenged to get the second stamping of the grid to line up with the first one, so I ended up stamping a lot of them, then cutting them down into usable pieces.

After I stamped the grids, I went back and stamped one image inside all the squares with the same Aqua Mist color, then I stamped another image in black on the actual grid lines. This is what I'm talking about:

If you look closely at the image above, you can barely see the grid and images stamped in the squares of the grid, and how I lined up the black image on the lines.

I salvaged as much of the stamped grid as I could, then I mixed it up a bit with different black images. This set is a lot of fun to play with! Here are the cards that I made with the various stamped images I chose:

I think I like that last one the best. Maybe it's just a more subtle black image...

When I got home from today's market, I wanted to get these cards off my work space so I could move on to all the cards some people requested I try and make. I always look forward to the suggestions, as it gives me some direction and helps me focus on what to do next. Input - a good thing! Anyway, in an effort to finish these guys, I opted to use my Nestabilities and make oval sentiments to offset all the Square going on.

See that image stamped in black on the last card? I stamped it in the Aqua Mist on White, then stamped the sentiment over it. THEN I used the Nesties to cut them out. You can barely see the color under the sentiment, but I think it looks better than just plain white.

I have a lot of ideas floating in my head, and I have tomorrow off (yay!), so I hope to sleep past 7 am, and then find some time to stamp so I can get the ideas onto card stock. Aaaaand, my order of new SU stuff arrives tomorrow. Double-yay! :-)

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  1. LOVE these! And that color combo is SUH-MOKIN'!!

  2. Jennifer took my adjective. As soon as I saw your post, I thought, "Leslie is smokin' hot!" My fave is the first with the wide black ribbon and the blue ribbon on top. Very pretty. I love the subtle blue stamp on the white too...excellent touch!

  3. I re sent you an email. Let me know if you get it...Boy did you ever have a busy day!!!


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