Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Can This Card Be Saved?

My workshops are behind me, and I did something a little different this month. I actually participated in my own workshop! Yep! I sat right down last night and made the cards right along with someone else, and you know what? It was fun!!! I realized I miss going to workshops.

This is one of the cards we made:

Yeah, the sentiment is a little crooked, but just consider the source and you'll get over it...my customers have. They know my samples are just serving suggestions, and they can do them right! However, when I made this card from my kit last night, I managed to stamp the sentiment even crooked-er, believe it or not.

Please forgive the yellow-ness of this next photo and just focus on the stampin' screw-up, k? The bottom 'birthday wishes' is the one I mis-stamped, and given the card was screwed-up anyway, I went with the flow and tried to stamp it crooked on purpose, and tried to create a spiral of 'birthday wishes'.

And I might have pulled it off, except I mis-stamped the top sentiment and totally blew it.

Feeling sad and dejected, I blurted out: Can this card be saved?, and a blog entry was born. So last night, I made the card over, and I thought I'd show you the steps I took. First, I checked to see if the ribbon would come off. Check.

Then I disected the card into its parts:

I trimmed the back of the card down to 4 x 5 1/4, then trimmed the piece with the dotted paper down to 3 3/4. The whole time the green ribbon was still stuck to the paper and just flopped around on the right side.

I took the parts and put them on a new Riding Hood Red base. When I layed the ribbon down across the card I thought it looked stunted just lying there, so I trimmed the end to give it a more finished look. Then I stuck on the circles like I would have on the original card, and with shaking hands, I stamped the sentiment. Mostly straight, too! Here is the finished card:

Yep, just a day in the life of a Crooked Stamper. When you make mistakes like this on a regular basis, you get real good at saving things.

I plan to spend the rest of my day off finishing up the remaining cards from my extra kits, then cleaning up (maybe), and hopefully I'll have time left to start in on all the stampin' projects floating around in my brain. If some of these do not make their way to card stock soon, they'll start leaking out my ears! Some days I've just gotta stamp!


  1. hehe...I love it! No matter if it was messed up. I mess up a LOT on mine...and then curse a LOT. And then start over from scratch or turn it over and make it a layer. LOL Glad I'm not the only one. :D

  2. You make me chuckle :) When I mess up (and get frustrated and REALLY start talking to myself), dh usually says, "I thought stamping is supposed to be fun." Then I am reminded how fortunate I am to be able to have this as a hobby :)


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