Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Using Scraps, and Some Confessing...

First, some confessing. Remember way back when, when I attempted to curb my ribbon weakness by joining a ribbon club? My reasoning was the monthly delivered-to-my-door package would satisfy my itch, and I'd stop buying elsewhere. It worked for a few months, but then I strayed, so I cancelled the club thing.

Over the past few months I have actually been quite good in the ribbon department, and have even dipped into the stash a few times. So why am I re-hashing this all again now? Because I strayed BIG time today. Oh, boy! Ribbons and Bows Oh My sent me an email that their velvet ribbons were on sale. VELVET! Oh, my. I went there, just to look, and I was sunk. Then I just checked out the satins. Sigh ... I think I spent ... well, let's not talk about that, k?

Then I finished my email discussion about selected Copics, narrowed it down to only nine (9) markers plus the colorless blender so I can, you know, blend. I ordered them online and hit Submit, and the buggers shipped almost instantly. So they should be here any day now.

I arrived home this evening, guilt-ridden, and needing to either work on my City Cards or start cleaning up in here, so I opted to clean by using some scraps to make a card or two. It sounded like way more fun than plain old cleaning up.

Here is the side of my working space:

There's lots of parts-is-parts in that pile that held much promise, and here's what I ended up with for my first effort:

All the squares were cut using the Nestabilities, and the top two layers were also embossed, so they have raised edges. The flowers are rub-ons from my still-huge collection of SU rub-ons from SAB. The white and green squares were already done and just lying there, so all I needed to do this evening was cut the blue squares to layer with them. And everything else was scraps, too, including the rub-on sentiment from a partially-used sheet, and it covers a smudge from who-knows-what, to boot. Overall, I am pretty happy with it, even if the greens don't match perfectly. And if I'd been thinking clearly, I may have done a better job lining up the strip of squares. Oh, well.

Okay, I am off to use a few more scraps, then do some coloring.

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  1. Oh my goodness this is a beautiful card! I love when a beauty like that pops out from "cleaning up". VERY NICE. That card will sell lickety-split for sure. I love love love your card!!!


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