Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Question Du Jour

No stampin' to post tonight, but I do have a burning question that I hope at least one of you can answer for me...

Do they still make the multi-colored Rice Krispies cereal? You know, the box with pink and blue and red and green puffed rice mixed in with the regular stuff. I used to make Rice Krispie Treats using them, and they were AWESOME looking! All I can find now are either the regular or cocoa varieties, so the best I can come up with will be "black & white" treats, no color. What a bummer.

I found a reference online to Berry Krispies, but nothing about the colored ones. I would not mind the berry ones, but I have not seen them in my travels.

ETA: I found this, but it's not what I was looking for. Still hunting ...

Anyone have a clue? Thanks!

PS: Why in the heck am I making these, you ask? The photographer at my markets is always munching on a commercially-made Rice Krispies treat. Yuk! So I told him I'd make him some real ones. :-)


  1. Do you mean these?

    you might have to cut and paste. I do not know how to post a link here.


  2. well maybe I should read your whole post before I answer the question. sorry.........



  3. LOL! Been there, saw that, not it. Thanks for trying, #2.

  4. I have never seen the colored Rice Krispies. Sorry! And the commercially-made Rice Krispie treats...YUK!!! You are right; home-made is by far the best.

    It's not multi-colored, but I add food coloring after the butter & marshmallows are melted, but right before adding in the cereal. I do red food coloring for Valentine's Day, green for St. Patrick's Day, etc.

  5. Pebbles? Is that what you are talking about? I think those may be the ones that are multi-colored.

    (and yes, they are still in the stores)

  6. And...that would be the Fruity Pebbles, not the Cocoa ones :)


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