Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The Organization Has Begun!

My heartfelt thanks go out to all of you dear readers who have adopted some of my card stock scraps! They were neglected and shunned here, so I hope they will get much more attention in their new homes.

As promised, here is a progress report ... the evidence: a half-emptied shelf!

YAY! Woo-Hoo! I have all the remaining colored scraps consolidated into three (3) boxes over there to the left, leaving enough room for me to tackle my PTI stash and finally put it on the shelf:

Here we have not only shaky red arrows, but those arrows point to two boxes on the left for card full and one, um, waiting for um, some more card stock that has just shipped.

The right-hand red arrow points to two Container Store boxes. The top one holds all my PTI stamp sets in their nifty, compact CD cases, and behind them are the 6x6 patterned paper packs. The bottom box holds the inks and ribbons. So organized! Sweet!

To the right of the newly-placed PTI storage boxes you can see the box that holds all my A Muse card stock hoard. I even have an idea that will use some of it, very soon!

Now, if I can rid myself of find a new home for a few more scraps, I'll have room for another one of those plastic boxes to hold my Verve sets, plus a few others. Baby steps, people, baby steps!!!

So come on over to the Great Scrap G-I-V-E-A-W-A-Y and adopt some of my remaining card stock scraps! I have a selection of most of the colors left (I think the purples are all gone, though). Think of them as lonely, potential layers looking for a loving home and you'll do fine.

For tonight's stamping effort, I'll make the remaining two bird cards I started last night, then I have a cool idea for another variation of my City Cards that involves stamping and cutting and bleach, but not a lot of coloring. Stay tuned to see how that turns out!


  1. My purple stash arrived today! So exciting! It came just at the right time as I've got a bunch of cards to do this weekend and I'm going to challenge myself to use purple on every card. Of course, being the obsessive organizer that I am, I checked the catalog to find out *exactly* which color was which so I could paper-clip the scraps together with a label. Not sure I picked the right one for Almost Amethyst but I'll risk it.

    Thanks Leslie!

  2. Oh, I must admit I am a little jealous! My closet is a disaster. It is organized to a degree, just over-stuffed, so not as neat and orderly as your closet. It is mostly scrapbooking kits. I keep hoping the more I scrapbook, the more empty it will become, but a few LOs actually don't use up a ton of stash, kwim? **sigh**

    I am excited for you, though! Keep us posted :) I look forward to your newest creations.

  3. Very nice! I envy your stash as well as your orginazational skills !

  4. i rec'd my envelope of cardstock goodness today, thank you so much leslie hanna!

  5. I'm so proud of you :)

    You'll be stamping in that craft room in no time!



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