Sunday, August 3, 2008

Mostly Caught Up

Today turned out to be a beautiful day, and I was NOT at a market. Nope. I was hunkered down in my teeny tiny condo, thinking up projects for next weekend's workshops. This is not a chore; I just made it sound like it is. But it is a challenge unto itself making cards using only Stampin' Up! materials. This is what happens when you deal with someone like me who is just in it for the discount, and oh, yeah, I do workshops, too. I have so much other stuff, it is easy to stray.

One of the types of cards I find I do not have for my markets is generic Celebrate cards. Now normally my SU-only cards do not find their way to my market inventory. I don't know why, they just do not. It's like I have two separate part-time businesses going here, which absolutely explains why I am totally scatterbrained and playing catch-up most of the time. :-)

So anyway, I was quite thrilled to learn (through Convention posts) that the Tart & Tangy stamp set and the Summer Picnic DS paper were both included in the new Fall/Winter catalog, which means I can use them for my workshops and not have to put them into the back of a drawer somewhere. Yay!

[By the way, whenever I type 'Summer Picnic', my brain says, "Pic-i-nic" ala Yogi Bear and his pic-i-nic-basket. Sorry, but I had to share.]

So I went through my remaining Summer Pic-i-nic papers to see what I had the most of, and I have two whole sheets of this pattern, so it got used:

This card will be one of my projects next weekend, and I will also make some with any left-over papers for my markets. There is a first time for everything.

And yeah, I just noticed that strip of Old Olive is totally crooked (surprise!), so I'll fix it momentarily on the card. Although, I could use it as a training mechanism. You know: how not to make a card...don't be like me. Sometimes I think you can learn more from mistakes than when you always do it right the first time. Unprofessional, you say? Really? Hmph. Then maybe I'll fix it before next weekend. Maybe.

So now that I've pretty much identified my projects for next weekend, I think I'll go use some of the scraps that are laying everywhere so I'll have less to deal with in next weekend's Clean Sweep.

And thanks for your feedback so far on my technical headache: blog subscribing. Apparently there are a few people already subscribed to my blog (thank you, thank you) even without these links. I am soooo out of things. I do have a cell phone, but it does not have a camera, and it is mostly never charged. I just keep my charger with me in case I need to use the phone and it is dead. No ipod, either. And no GPS. What can I say? I grew up pre-computer-age, and I am okay not being plugged in all the time. But I do thank you for all your feedback, so keep it coming! One of these days I may even make an actual decision. Hey, it could happen...


  1. love the designer paper - super cute card!

  2. JMO, but I think you should try selling SU!-type cards at market. Most of my cards are non-SU! (except recently). I ***think*** you may attract even more buyers; different strokes for different folks, kwim?

  3. beautiful card. I love the scalloped border!


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